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April 1997 Queries

NancyHARWOOD Fri Apr 4 21:10:32 1997
I am looking for the burial place of my great-grandfather, William HollowayTHOMPSON. Born at Alpine, Talladega Co. AL in 1840, he came to Texas c1901.In the 1910 census he is living in Palestine with his son John THOMPSON;I believe he died in 1911. William H. THOMPSON was a Confederate veteran,and family legend says he is buried "near Palestine." I would appreciateany help on this.

Mary ShularHOPPER Sun Apr 6 09:16:07 1997
John W. COOK m. Roxanna O'NEAL. Known child is John Henry COOK who married(1) V.D. ________. They had 10 children. V.D. died ______. Second marriage:Lura Sallie BUTTS. They did not have children. I believe John Henry and Luraare buried in Leon Co...possibly Concord Cemetery. However, it has been suggestedthat it might be Anderson Co. I am at a loss with these families. Wouldappreciate any help anyone can give. If we are connected, I would be delightedto share info on the BUTTS families. Thanks, Mary

CathyMAURICIO Thu Apr 17 16:33:26 1997
I am trying to trace my family tree. Do you have any information on HenryTheodore EVANS? He apparently came to the Anderson Co. area about 1860 or1861 from Rome, Georgia. He served in the Civil War in Conferacy. And inJanuary of 1870 he married Sarah Elizabeth PHILLIPS in Palestine, TX. Theyhad 5 children. 3 daughters died at early ages, but his 2 sons lived. One,Frank Madison EVANS, married Ida MOON and lived in the area until he diedat age 26. The other son, my grandfather, Albinos EVANS, born in Neches,Tx. married Velma Josephine HALL on Nov.16, 1902 in Palestine, Tx. and movedto Allison, Tx., where they both died of old age. I would really appreciatesome help trying to find my ggparents. I am running into brick walls.Thank-you!

DavidWARREN Thu Apr 17 08:50:41 1997
I am seeking information on James N. WARREN who moved his family to AndersonCounty in 1899 and lived there until his death in 1933. His daughter, MarionHUDSON and her husband, Perry HUDSON lived on Jackson Street, Palestine,until their deaths in the 1970s. Anyone with information on this family pleasecontact: David WARREN at

C.C.WThu Apr 17 10:33:20 1997
I am looking for info on my grgr and grgrgr grandfathers and their families.James A. CURRY wife Elizabeth arrived in San Augustine co. Settling on theLucas Survey near Brookeland on Feb 24 1835. Most likely buried in the TownsendCemetery. Which was part of their original property. James T CURRY &2nd wife, she also was his sister-in-law Emaris COLEMAN CURRY. Father JacobManning COLEMAN, Mother Sarah HANSHAW. Emaris was married to ( Joe CURRY)the brother of James T until his death prior to1865. Joe and Emaris CURRYChildren; Joel, Elizabeth, Catherine, John. James T & 1st wife's (CeceliaHICKMAN CHESHER d. 1860-1865) children; William J, Wiley C, Jesse, Lucinda,Troy. James T and Emaris children; James, Cazetta, Edward, Willie, WilliamH, Martha A, Jacob, Mack, Melvina. Sally HICKMAN mother-in-law lived withJames T. Other kin living near by William & Catherine HORNSBY HICKMAN,and David & Julia Ann CURRY HORNSBY.

LyndalCurington POWER Sat Apr 19 10:47:17 1997
WILLIAMS, Daniel and wife Nancy (SHELTON) WILLIAMS. They were married inKY in 1815 but later moved to Anderson Co., TX. Daniel WILLIAMS was a farmer.I'm searching for the names of their 13 children. Their youngest son, DanielH. WILLIAMS was born in 1843 in KY. He was living with them in Anderson Co.,TX in 1853 when his father Daniel WILLIAMS died. Any information on the otherchildren would be greatly appreciated. What happened to them? Did they havea daughter named Anna E. WILLIAMS? I will gladly share any information Ialready have. Thank you.

Wanda SunApr 20 13:23:33 1997
To anyone searching the Benjamin ROGERS family: please contact me. I havea lot of information to share about the wife of Benjamin, Penelope WEST.I have data on her father, John WEST before the Rev. War and a little onPenelope's brothers.

LyndaTAYLOR Sat Apr 26 17:31:55 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descended from or researching the SamuelWYLIE (b. c1793, Mecklenburg Co., ND; d. 1873, Anderson Co., TX; son of JamesWYLY and Sarah SHANKS) and wife, Nancy LEE (1793, NC-1870, Anderson Co.,TX). Their children were: Green Lee, (b. c1815, NC; d. c1892, Anderson Co.,TX); Rachel Adaline (1817, AL-1887, TX; md. John Thomas PRUITT); James Louis(b. c1820, Franklin Co., AL; md. Elizabeth PRUITT); Jane (1821, FranklinCo., AL-1902; md. John PAGITT); Calvin (b. c1825, AL; md. Mahala ??); Thomas(b. c1827, AL; md. Lucy Caroline RICHARDSON); John Marshall "Marsh" (1829-1905;md. Nancy MCCARTY); Nancy Adaline (b. c1831, Franklin Co., AL; md. John M.RICHARDSON); William (b. 1833; md. Elizabeth MAYORS); Mary E. (1837-1925;md. Pleas PAGITT); a son, name unknown, b. c1835-40, AL; and Oranna (b. c1841,AL). Any information on any of the preceding would be greatly appreciated.

LyndaTAYLOR Sat Apr 26 15:42:34 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descended from or doing research onJames E. CANTRELL (b. c1811, TN; d. bef. Sep-1858, Anderson Co., TX. He married1st, Nancy CAPPS (b. c1811, TN); 2nd, Elizabeth HAMMONS/HANNONS, 31-Dec-1851,Cannon Co., TN. She was b. c1822, TN. After the death of James, she marriedJacob COOK. The children of James and Nancy were: John William, b. c1833,TN; Sarah Elizabeth, b. c1835, TN; Shaderick, b. Sep-1837, TN; Stephen Jasper,b. 30-Oct-1839, Sabine Co., TX; Mary J., b. c1841, San Augustine Co., TX;Nancy Emeline, b. c1843-44, San Augustine Co., TX; Easter A., b. c1847, AndersonCo. The children of James and Elizabeth were: Margaret Matilda, b. c1852,Anderson Co.; Mira Lucinda, b. c1855, Anderson Co. and William Franklin,b. 27-Jan-1858, Anderson Co.

LyndaTAYLOR Sat Apr 26 16:01:36 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descended from or researching WilliamB. EVANS (b. 24-Feb-1808, Cannon Co., TN; d. 23-Jul-1869, Anderson Co., TX)and wife, China CAPPS (b. 29-Sep-1809, TN; d. Nov-1879, Anderson Co. Theirchildren were: Sarah Blackburn (1834, Cannon Co., TN-1906, Navarro Co., TX);Leander Lusk (1835, Cannon Co., TN-1916, Walker Co., TX); James Erastus (1838,Cannon Co., TN-1892, Navarro Co., TX); John Alexander (1840, Cannon Co.,TN-1870, Anderson Co., TX); David Ather B. (1842, Cannon Co., TN-1922, CalhounCo., TX); Charles C. (1844- 1848, b&d, Cannon Co., TN); William B., Jr.(1846-1847, b&d, Cannon Co., TN); and Samuel Shadrack (b. 1848, CannonCo., TN).

LyndaTAYLOR Sat Apr 26 16:19:06 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descended from or researching JosephPRICE (b. c1825, LA) and wife Catherine SMITH (b. c1827, MS, dau. of ArchabaldSMITH and Elizabeth ANDING). Their children were: John A. (b. c1846, LA);James A. (1847, LA-1939, TX); Elizabeth (b. c1848, LA); Thomas J? (b. c1850,LA); a son, J. C. (b. c1852, TX); George Washington (b. c1854, TX); SarahJane (b. c1856, TX); a daughter, C. O. (b. c1858, TX) and Mary Ann (b. c1859,TX. Their son, James A. PRICE (my great grandfather) married Mary J. PRICEin 1869, Henderson Co., TX. She was the daughter of Matthew PRICE and RahamahSHOEMAKER. The children of James and Mary were: Richard, (b. c1875); RhodaL. (1876-1954); Rahamah C. (b. c1877, d. young); George V. (b. c1879, d.young); Dora Ellen (1881-1973); Earnest H. (b. 1883); and Earl J. (b. 1885).After the death of Rahamah, James married Laura P. CUMMINGS (1861-1930).Their children were: Rufus R. (b. 1887); Thomas J. (b. 1890); Lena M. (b.1892); Maud L. (b. 1897) and Mineola A. (b. 1900).

LyndaTAYLOR Sat Apr 26 16:42:00 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descended from or researching any ofthe following. John PRICE (b. c1782, SC; d. 1860, Anderson Co., TX) and his2nd? wife Elizabeth ?? (b. c1800, NC or SC; d. aft. 1860). Children of JohnPRICE were: Edward (b. c1806, AL); Matthew (1823, Humphreys Co., TN-1880,Anderson Co., TX); William (b. c1826, TN); a son, C. (E) C. (b. c1828, TN);Elizabeth (b. c1830); Joel (b. c1834, TN or AL); Tempy (b. c1836, TN); SarahAnn Susan (b. c1838, AL); Mahalia (c1840, AL-1860, Anderson Co., TX); Solomon(b. c1844, AL-1860, Anderson Co., TX) and Julian. John PRICE's son, MatthewPRICE was my gg-grandfather. Matthew married 1st, Rahamah SHOEMAKER (b. c1828,AL; d. 1860, TX). Their children were: William Bluford (b. c1843, AL); SarahA. S. (b. c1845, AL); Lucinda (b. c1848; d. 1860); Mary J. (b. c1851, AndersonCo., TX; d. c1885, Anderson Co., TX); John Henry (1854-1917); Sophronia(c1857-1860). Matthew married 2nd, Catherine MORGAN (1832-1874). Their childrenwere: Elmer Calloway (d. 1862); G. W. (d. 1863); Matthew M. (c1864-1885);Robert Marion (1866-1941)and Lorenda Ellen (1866-1954). Matthew married 3rd,Mattie A. DOSSETT (1840-1901). Their childrn were: Thomas Jefferson (1874-1911)and Joel Lee (1878-1930). Any help on any of the above would be greatlyappreciated.

LyndaTAYLOR Sat Apr 26 16:58:23 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descended from or researching PRUITT(various spellings) line. My gg grandfather was John Thomas PRUIT (b. c1810,Anderson Co., TN; d. c1895, Henderson Co., TX). He married c1835, Benton,Conway Co., AR, Rachel Adaline WYLIE (1817, Franklin Co., AL- 1887, HendersonCo., TX; daughter of Samuel WYLIE and Nancy LEE) The children of John Thomasand Rachel Adaline were: Martha Jane (1837- 1890); James L.(1839-1876); SamuelThomas (b. c1842); Eliza (b. c1843); Nancy Adaline (1845-1926); Mary Evangiline(1848-1942); John David (1850- 1933); Sarah Emeline (1853-1932); Amanda A.(1856-1879); Marion C. (1859- 1938) and Charlotte Eviline (b. c1859).

LyndaTAYLOR Sat Apr 26 17:12:11 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descended from or researching the following.My gg grandfather was James E. WATKINS, b. c1810-18, KY or GA; d. bef. Oct-1859,Anderson Co., TX. He married 10-Feb-1850, Coosa Co., AL to Melissa Jane ("Mary")OSBORNE, b. Sep-1830, GA; living in 1910. Their children were: a daughter,M. J. (c1851-c1860); Agnes Alabama (b. c1852, AL; md. 1st, Stephen JasperCANTRELL; md. 2nd, Louis BALDWIN; md. 3rd, Lorenzo Dow HENDERSON); GeorgiaAnn (1855-1899; md. Lorenzo Dow HENDERSON); James K. Polk (1857-1920; md.Lillie May TOMPKINS) and an infant, b&d 1860. After the death of James,Melissa married Spencer P. LEWIS (b. c1813, TN). Their children were: Ellen(b. c1866; d. bef. 1870); Emma Susan (1864-1948; md. George Washington COSTLOW);Forrest (b. c1869); and John B. (b. c1870; md. Lilley M. PITTS. I wouldappreciate any information on any of the preceding.

LyndaTAYLOR Sat Apr 26 18:11:58 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone descended from or researching ThomasDICKERSON (b. c1794, SC). Thomas was md to Ellender BLALOCK CARROLL (b. c1819,NC or GA). Was Thomas married before his marriage to Ellender? Ellender'sfirst husband was Joe CARROLL by whom she had three children: Melissa (1832-1921,md. ? ROBERTS); Jeremiah (b. c1841, GA) and Joe (b. c1843, d. Civil War).Thomas and Ellender children were: Henry C. (b. c1847; d. 1904; md. MaryA. "Mollie" COBB); Martha Elizabeth (b. c1852; md. Willie T. RICHARDS); Parolee(b. c1853; md. James Paschal COBB); Thomas Jefferson (1852-1942); Joseph(b. c1857); James Monroe (1864-1944). Any information on any of the precedingwould be greatly appreciated.

BobTIPPIT Sun Apr 27 14:48:30 1997
Actually I'm Searching for a Death Certificate..My grandfather died at theMissouri Pacific Hospital in Palestine on March 9, 1954. How may I obtaina copy of the death certificate

wandaMon Apr 28 18:23:04 1997
To anyone searching these names I have information to share that goes backto Jamestown, Va before the to anyone searching these names I have informationto share that goes back to Jamestown, Va. before the Rev. War. Isaac WEST,Rufus WEST, Nanacy WEST, Dixie WEST, Aldora WEST, Roland WEST, Thomas WEST,Alexander WEST , B.F. BROWN, William SPARKS, Norman SPARKS, Lucinda HUDSON,Mary Lou SPARKS, and Martha HUDSON.


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