Anderson County, Texas

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Surnames starting with "B"


Maggie Louise Bagley

Virginia Louise Bagley

Lawrence R Bagwell

Anna Ruth Brown Bailey

Carrie Cassie Bailey

Charlie Bailey

Clarcy (Cassie) Bailey

Elijah Bailey

Georgia Bailey

Grover Cleveland Bailey

Leroy Bailey

Louisa Bailey

Nolan P. Bailey

Wortham Bailey

Lizzie Baker

Lucille Baker

Vernon Baker

John Calvin Baldwin

Annie Mae Barrett

Eldridge W. Barrett

Ethel Barrett

J. C. Barrett

Johnnie D. Barrett

June Barrett

Margarett Lenora Barrett

Ocie Barrett, Jr.

Odessa Barrett

Richard Alexander Barrett

Robert N. Barrett

Rosa D. Barrett

Sharonda Na'Gene Barrett

Sinnie Barrett

Warren S. Barrett

Charles Lee Bass

Ida Belle Bass

Percy Bass, Jr.

Frankie Bates

Sallie Battle

Love H. Battles

Lottie Beasley

Abelle Beason

James Beason

Lou Venia Beason

Mary Beathny

Della Beavers

Mathew Bector

Alexander Bell

Annie E. Bell

Bettie M. Bell

Chester Bell, Jr.

Edith Marie Bell

Eliza Bell

H. Bell

Herman Ray Bell, Jr.

Leo Bell

Donald R. Bennett

Dora Benson

Ollie Benson

Josephine Berry

William "Will" Berry

Booker T. Birdow

Ethel Birdow

Ezeal Birdow

L. J. Birdow

Lola Belle Birdow

Mamie Lee Birdow

Nancy Birdow

R. J. Birdow

Roosevelt Birdow

Savannah Birdow

Sherman Birdow

William Bivins

Callie Black

Katie D. Black

Bailey H. Blackshear

Billy B. Blackshear

Juanita Blackshear

J. B. Blake

George L. Blakeney

Hattie E. Blakeney

Rosie Lee Blakey

Ella M. Blue

John L. Blue

Emma H.Bogan

Linsey Bonner

A. I. Booker

Carrie Booker

Mary Nelson Bowen

James Nepallon Bowers

Raymond James Bowman

Gladys Inez Bowser

Joe Edward Bowser

Rev. Obie Bowser

Phyllis Mae Bowser

Reginald Bowser

Bessie Box

Freddie Box

Ina E. Boyd

Oliver M. Boyd

Simon Boyd

Simon M. Boyd

Ann Boyes

Hanah J. Boykin

Florine Bracket

Maurice Bradford, Sr.

Modessia Bradford

Etta Bragg

Jessie Lee Bragg

Milton 'Pete' Bragg

William M. Bragg

Mary Francis Bray

Irene Bridges

Bernia Dean Brisby

Leroy Brookings, Jr.

Albert Brown

Blanch Mae Brown

Bulah Lee Brown

Cynthia Gail Brown

Desiree Dijon Brown

Edgar Brown

Eunice Brown

Infant Brown

Jesse B. Brown

Louise G. Brown

Louise Marie Brown

Loyce Gardner Brown

Luevina Brown

 Orelessa O. Brown

Patricia A. Brown

Peter James Brown

Ralph W. Brown

Rosa Brown

Sam Brown

Susan Craven Brown

Thomas Jefferson Brown

Vertie Mae Brown

William McKinley Brown

Willie Brown

Willie Mae Brown

Mildred Browne

Reginald O. Browne, Sr.

Meryl Frances Browne-Barrow

Sarah Porter Browning

Nelson Bruin

Patsy Ruth Bruin

Ernest Brunson

Alex Bryant

Christopher Bryant, III

Lucy Bryant

Malie Lou Bryant

Martha F. Bryant

Robert L. Bryant

Steven Brady Bryant

Cora Bunch

Jane Bunch

Clarence Burks

Helen Burks

Annie Burns

Ed Burns

Minnie J. Burns

Sam Burrell

Horace Alfred Burton

Steve Burton

Alfred L. Butler, III

Edward Franklin Butler

Ethel Lee Butler

Jimmie Butler

Josephine Butler

Joyce Laverne Butler

Katie Collier Butler

Vola M. Butler

Durcilla B. Byrd

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