Stovall Academy Cemetery
AKA Academy Cemetery or Stovall Cemetery,
Anderson County, Texas


Directions and Notes: From Loop 256, take U.S. Highway 79 for 9.8 miles. Turn right at Annderson County Road 354. Proceed for 0.5 miles. Turn right at Anderson County Road 355. Proceed for 2.3 miles. Turn left at the intersection of Anderson County Road 354 at Anderson County Road 355. Proceed for 0.2/mile, and turn right at a metal gate. Go approximately 800 feet into the woods on foot. This cemetery is located on private property and any visitors are advised to take precautions during hunting seasons.


It is known that there are many more people buried in this cemetery, but no information has been found to verify names of these people. Any additional information you may be willing to share will be very much appreciated. Please contact me if you wish to contribute!

Contact People: Barbara & Richard Cooke: 903-584-3708

In 1866, Messrs. James S. Hanks, P. W. Ezell, Bennett Posey, L. G. Suggs, M. McDonald and others established and had chartered a school which they named Stovall Academy for its first teacher. The house stood three miles from where Neches now stands. In 1872, the I. & G.N. railroad was built and the school house was moved to Neches. It has been known as the Neches Normal Institute and finally the Neches High School. During the early history of Stovall Academy, pupils were in attendance from Palestine, Rusk, Tyler, Starrville and other places.

Much about this cemetery is supposition, as no one living today knows much about it. It seems to have been both for whites and blacks. The late Lill Anderson, Sr., had a sister and parents buried there and he and members of his family cleaned it for as long as he lived, according to Adell Jackson. Many of the markers have been vandalized or otherwise destroyed. In the early part of this century it was simply called the Academy Cemetery, due to it being on, or near the Stovall Academy grounds.

Today the grounds are completely grown over with trees and underbrush. There are only a few headstones left with an estimated 100 people buried there.


Date of Birth

Date of Death

Cook, Infant



Dean, Harriett N.



Dean, Jimie

No Date


Dean, William



Dial, Permelia



Evans, Hattie Viola

No Date


L., W. S.

No Date

No Date

McMorris, Sam



Parker, Nimrod

No Date

No Date

Taylor, Mary



Unidentified Graves

No Date

No Date

Warner, Elizabeth



Worley, Amanda M.