Anderson County, Texas

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Alphabetical Cemetery List

This list is currently a work in progress.

NOTE: Latitude & Longitude marked by an asterisk "*" are pulled from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). Other Latitude & Longitude figures are locally derived.

Cemetery Name Latitude &

Cemetery Also
 Known As

Academy Cemetery [AC#161]
  (near Neches)
Lat:     31:49:75.4 N
Long: 095:28:56.1 W
  1. Stovall Academy Cemetery
2. Stovall Cemetery
Adams Cemetery [AC#001]
  (near Montalba)
Adams (#2) Cemetery   1. Slave Cemetery
Alderbranch Cemetery [AC#148] Lat:     31:39:63.4 N
Long: 095:24:61.1 W
  1. Providence Cemetery
2. Sands Springs Cemetery
Allen Cemetery [AC#002]
Lat:     32:01:00.2 N
Long: 095:38:37.3 W
1. Allen Family Cemetery
Anderson County Line Cemetery [AC#003]     1. County Line Cemetery
Anderson Family Cemetery    
Antioch Cemetery [AC#004]
Lat:     31:52:29.5 N
Long: 095:42:26.9 W
1. Old Berryman Cemetery
2. Plentitude Cemetery
3. Hanks Cemetery
Arter Cemetery [AC#013]
  1. Black Arter Cemetery
Aston Cemetery [AC#032]     1. Crist/Thurman/Aston Cemetery
2. Thurman Cemetery
Bacon #1 Cemetery [AC#005]     1. Frankston Cemetery
2. Frankston City Cemetery
Bacon #2 Cemetery [AC#006] *Lat:     313941N
*Long: 0954349W
1. Old Bacon Cemetery
2. Bacon Family Cemetery
3. Bacon (#2) Cemetery
Bairfield Family Cemetery [AC#007]      
Barrett #1 Cemetery [AC#113]     1. Mt. Zion Cemetery #2
Barrett #2 Cemetery [AC#121] Lat:     21:35:37.2 N
Long: 095:20:62.4 W
  1. Newsom Cemetery
Barrett #4 Cemetery   1. F. L. Barrett Family Cemetery
2. Barrett, F. L. Family Cemetery
Barron Thompson Cemetery [AC#008] 
Baston Family Cemetery    
Baumgartner Family Cemetery [AC#009] (On FM323) Lat:    31:41:75.6 N
Long: 095:28:53.4 W
Bell Cemetery [AC#010] *Lat:     314217N
*Long: 0953347W
Beth Israel Cemetery [AC#011]
Lat:      31:36:32.5 N
Long:  095:37:32.4 W
  1. Jewish Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery [AC#012]
(On US 287)


1. Concord Cemetery
Beulah Cemetery      
Black Arter Cemetery [AC#013]
  1. Arter Cemetery
Blackshear Cemetery [AC#014] *Lat:     314900N
*Long: 0953432W
Blount Cemetery      
Bluff Spring Cemetery [AC#015] 
Lat:     31:34:63.9 N
Long: 095:40:63.8 W
Bobbitt Cemetery      
Boseman Chapel Cemetery      
Bostick  Cemetery      
Brown Cemetery      
Brown Creek Cemetery**      
Brown Springs Cemetery      
Broyles Chapel Cemetery
  (transcription #1)
  (transcription #2)
Lat:     31:45:76.5 N
Long: 095:43:14.6 W
1. Harmony Cemetery
2. Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Brushy Creek Cemetery
Lat:     1:57:46.1 N
Long: 095:37:23.2 W
1. Hopewell Cemetery
2. Pisgah Cemetery
3. Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
Burgamy Family Cemetery      
Butler Family #1 Cemetery *Lat:     315150N
*Long: 0954017W
  1. Butler Cemetery
Butler Family #2 Cemetery Lat:     31:51:82.2 N
Long: 095:40:30.4 W
Caldwell Cemetery *Lat:     315149N
*Long: 0952706W
  1. White Oak Cemetery
Calhoun Cemetery     1. Hamlett Cemetery
Calloway Cemetery     1. Crist/Calloway Cemetery
Camp Cemetery *Lat:     314042N
*Long: 0953418W
Campbell Cemetery
*Lat:     314132N
*Long: 0953458W
  1. Campbell Family Cemetery
Carroll Springs Cemetery
Located on the Anderson-Henderson County Line)
Cedar Creek Cemetery
  (transcription #2)
*Lat:     313845N
*Long: 0953938W
1. Cedar Grove Cemetery
2. Willow Grove Cemetery
Cedar Hill Cemetery      
Chambers Cemetery *Lat:     314219N
*Long: 0953438W
1. Chambers/Day Cemetery
Cherry Tree Lake Cemetery** *Lat:     315319N
*Long: 0952602W
Clark Cemetery     1. Diamond Field Cemetery
Colby Cemetery      
Coleman Cemetery *Lat:     315525N
*Long: 0953559W
  1. Running Springs Cemetery
2. McKee Cemetery
3. At Rest in the Woods Cemetery
Concord Cemetery
Lat:     31:54:59.8 N
Long: 095:40:92.8 W
Congleton Family Cemetery     1. Congleton Cemetery
Cooks Store Cemetery     1. Cooks Cemetery
County Line Cemetery
Lat:    N   32:02:36.3
Long: W 095:45:19.1
County Poor Farm Cemetery     1. Indigent Cemetery
2. Poor Farm Cemetery
Crawford Cemetery *Lat:     313929N
*Long: 0952912W
Dabbs Cemetery
*Lat:     315750N
*Long: 0953021W
  1. Evanspring  Cemetery
2. Freeman Cemetery
3. Freeman-Dabbs Cemetery
4. Oldham Cemetery
Dailey Cemetery**      
Davis (#1) Cemetery
*Lat:     313535N
*Long: 0954001W
Delany Cemetery
*Lat:     313932N
*Long: 0953143W
  1. Branch Cemetery
Denson Cemetery Lat:     31:37:66.5 N
Long: 095:27:52.5 W
Denson Springs Cemetery Lat:     31:38:42.0 N
Long: 095:22:26.2 W
Dial Cemetery      
Dobbs Cemetery**      
Douthit Cemetery
*Lat:     314032N
*Long: 0953503W
Earls Chapel Cemetery** *Lat:     315256N
*Long: 0952821W
East Hill Cemetery
(Comprised of Palestine Old City, New Addition, New Addition Annex, & Middle Cemeteries)
*Lat:     314548N
*Long: 0953700W
Edwards Cemetery      
Eiglebiger Cemetery      
Elm Town Cemetery
Lat:     31:53:63.6 N
Long: 095:38:08.2 W
1. Elmwood
2. Cox
Fain Family #1 Cemetery Lat:     31:51:82.8 N
Long: 095:40:30.0 W
Fain Family #2 Cemetery Lat:     31:41:19.9 N
Long: 095:36:47.5 W
Ferguson Cemetery *Lat:     314211N
*Long: 0953106W
  1. Jefferson Community Cemetery

Fields Chapel Cemetery [AC-048]

Lat:     31:45:51.8 N
Long: 095:31:04.7 W
Flats Cemetery
Flint Hill Cemetery Lat:     31:51:06.4 N
Long: 095:28:09.4 W
Fort Houston Cemetery
  (transcription white section)
  (transcription #2)
*Lat:     314338N
*Long: 0953907W
1. Holmes Cemetery
Fort Houston Cemetery
  (transcription black section)

  (transcription #2)
Fort Houston Cemetery #2 *Lat:     315217N
*Long: 0954213W
Foster Cemetery
*Lat:     320215N
*Long: 0953550W
Foster Cemetery #2 *Lat:     314950N
*Long: 0953943W
Fosterville Cemetery**      
Franklin Cemetery     1. Maudie Franklin Cemetery
Frankston City Cemetery Lat:     32:03:14.1 N
Long: 095:30:99.3 W
  1. Bacon Cemetery
2. Frankston Cemetery
Friendship Cemetery**      
Fulton Cemetery Lat:     31:41:94.6 N
Long: 095:28:62.8 W
Fundeburk Cemetery Lat:     31:41:74.8 N
Long: 095:33:84.1 W
Gaines Cemetery
Lat:     31:53:63.8 N
Long: 095:39:61.4 W
1. Elrod/Gaines Cemetery
Garden Of Memories Cemetery Lat:     31:48:42.3 N
Long: 095:34:81.7 W
1. Elkhart Cemetery
Gilmore's Chapel Cemetery     1. Old Judson Cemetery
Givens Cemetery *Lat:     315150N
*Long: 0955720W
1. Jackson at Yard Cemetery
2. Jackson Cemetery #2
3. Yard Cemetery
Glenwood Cemetery     1. Palestine Memorial Cemetery
2. Memorial Cemetery
Gossett Cemetery      
Grayson Cemetery Lat:     31:38:01.7 N
Long: 095:22:79.0 W
Gresham Cemetery     1. Wright Cemetery
Grigsby Cemetery      
Grimes Family Cemetery      
Groom's Graves      
Guiceland Cemetery
(Located on Anderson/Houston County line)
Lat:     31:33:97.5 N
Long: 095:28:74.6 W
Hallum  Cemetery
    1. Hallum Grove Cemetery
Hanks Cemetery Lat:     31:52:29.5 N
Long: 095:42:26.9 W
1. Antioch Cemetery
2. Old Berryman Cemetery
3. Plentitude Cemetery
Hardshell Cemetery** *Lat:     315843N
*Long: 0953123W
Harmony Cemetery Lat:     31:45:76.5 N
Long: 095:43:14.6 W
1. Broyles Chapel Cemetery
2. Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Hassell Cemetery      
Hickory Grove Cemetery     1. Muse Cemetery
2. Old Sand Cemetery
Holly Springs Cemetery Lat:     31:53:69.8 N
Log: 095:45:64.7 W
1. Holly Grove Cemetery
2. Montalba Cemetery
Holy Ground Cemetery      
Hopewell Cemetery
*Lat:     315829N
*Long: 0953840W
1. Brushy Creek Cemetery
2. Pisgah Cemetery
3. Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
Horn Cemetery      
Howard Cemetery      
Hubbard Cemetery Lat:     31:42:09.8 N
Long: 095:36:13.5 W
Huddleston Cemetery Lat:     31:37:71.1 N
Log: 095:29:33.6 W
  1. Alstad Cemetery
2. Huddleston/McKinney Cemetery
3. McKinney Cemetery
Hughes Cemetery      
Hutton Ranch Cemetery      
Jackson Cemetery *Lat:     315413N
*Long: 0955546W
Jackson at Yard Cemetery *Lat:     315150N
*Long: 0955720W
1. Givens Cemetery
2. Jackson Cemetery #2
3. Yard Cemetery
Jackson Cemetery #2 *Lat:     315150N
*Long: 0955720W
1. Givens Cemetery
2. Jackson at Yard Cemetery
3. Yard Cemetery
Jackson Quarters Cemetery Lat:     31:54:68.0 N
Long: 095:56:64.0 W
Jerusalem Cemetery *Lat:     315143N
*Long: 0954118W
  1. Jerusalem & Bethel Cemetery
Jesse Parker Cemetery    
Jimison Quarters Cemetery *Lat:     314839N
*Long: 0955049W
Jolly Cemetery      
Joppa Burial Ground      
Judson Cemetery
*Lat:     315715N
*Long: 0955623W
Kickapoo Cemetery      
Killgo Cemetery Lat:     31:27:35.9 N
Long: 095:27:35.9 W
  1. J.T. Killgo Cemetery
Killion Cemetery      
Kyle Cemetery      
Lacy Cemetery      
Lake Cemetery**     1. Lake Creek Cemetery
Lakeview Cemetery
Lat:     31:38:92.0 N
Long: 095:40:72.1 W
  1. Texas Methodist Conference Cemetery
2. Lakeview Methodist Cemetery
Land of Memory Cemetery *Lat:     314755N
*Long: 0954242W
Lawrence Cemetery Lat:     31:52:68.4 N
Long: 095:36:40.9 W
Liberty Cemetery
Lat:    N   31:59:30.4
Long: W 095:45:76.7
1. Bradford Cemetery
Liberty Hill Cemetery *Lat:     320403N
*Long: 0953221W
Lightfoot Cemetery *Lat:     314735N
*Long: 0954235W
  1. Rocky Point Cemetery
Link Family Cemetery
Lookabaugh Cemetery
(Todd City)
Lumpkin Cemetery *Lat:     315135N
*Long: 0953242W
  1. Lumpkin Family Cemetery
Magnolia Cemetery *Lat:     313932N
*Long: 0954415W
Mallard Cemetery
*Lat:     314844N
*Long: 0953828W
Mason Cemetery *Lat:     314605N
*Long: 0953220W
  1. Anderson Chapel Cemetery
McDonald Farm Cemetery      
McGary Cemetery Lat:     31:42:06.5 N
Long: 095:40:53.4 W
Memorial Cemetery *Lat:     314617N
*Long: 0953653W
  1. Palestine Memorial Cemetery
Midway Cemetery
Lat:     32:06:66.6 N
Long: 095:39:66.6 W
Miller Cemetery *Lat:     315819N
*Long: 0952835W
  1. Ayers Cemetery
2. Miller/Ayers Cemetery
Mitchum  Cemetery      
Morrow Cemetery     1. Quick Mountain Cemetery
2. Wick Mountain Cemetery
Moss Cemetery      
Mound Prairie Cemetery
Lat:     31:52:33.9 N
Long: 095:34:33.9 W
Mount Moriah Cemetery Lat:     31:41:19.0 N
Long: 095:38:84.6 W
Mount Olive Cemetery Lat:     32:03:55.0 N
Long: 095:28:28.0 W
1. Sandflat Cemetery
Mount Pisgah Cemetery
Lat:     1:57:46.1 N
Long: 095:37:23.2 W
1. Hopewell Cemetery
2. Pisgah Cemetery
3. Brushy Creek Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery *Lat:     315828N
*Long: 0953654W
  1. Mt. Zion Brushy Creek Cemetery
Muse Cemetery
   (transcription) by Dianna Hokanson

Lat:     31:37:55.4 N
Long: 095:20:02.6 W
Myrtle Springs Cemetery
Lat:     31:34:88.0 N
Long: 95:40:38.6 W
Neches Cemetery *Lat:     315202N
*Long: 0953001W
  1. Neches City Cemetery
Neches Church of Christ Cemetery Lat:     31:42:37.7  N
Long: 095:28:52.7 W
New Addition, Palestine City Cemetery    
New Addition Annex, Palestine City Cemetery    
New Canaan Cemetery      
New Hope #1 Cemetery
(Bethel Area)
Lat:     31:50:58.6 N
Long: 095:53:17.9 W
New Hope #2 Cemetery
Lat:     31:52:24.4 N
Long: 095:54:55.4 W
Newton Cemetery *Lat:     314814N
*Long: 0953903W
  1. Old Rooster Road Cemetery
2. Rooster Road Cemetery
Nixon Cemetery      
Oak Grove Cemetery     1. Fetch & Tie Cemetery
Old Antioch Cemetery**      
Old Bacon Cemetery *Lat:     313941N
*Long: 0954349W
1. Bacon Family Cemetery
2. Bacon (#2) Cemetery
Old Berryman Cemetery [AC#004]
Lat:     31:52:29.5 N
Long: 095:42:26.9 W
1. Antioch Cemetery
2. Plentitude Cemetery
3. Hanks Cemetery
Old Bethel Cemetery
  (Off SH155, S of Frankston)

  (transcription #2)
Lat:    31:58:73.7 N
Long:095:31:45.3 W
1. Bethel Church Cemetery
2. Fort Bethel Cemetery
Old Butler Cemetery      
Old City, Palestine City Cemetery    
Old Ioni Cemetery
(Denson Springs)
Lat:     32:36:83.4 N
Long: 095:22:46.7 W
Old Magnolia Cemetery**      
Old Mt. Zion Cemetery      
Olive Branch Cemetery
Lat:     31:57:78.9 N
Long: 095:35:89.8 W
Our Acre Cemetery
Lat:     31:38:78.7 N
Long: 095:39:63.5 W
1. Owens Cemetery
Owens Cemetery *Lat:     320203N
*Long: 0952901W
  1. Owens Family Cemetery
Paces Chapel Cemetery     1. Green Cemetery
2. Pace Cemetery
Palestine City Cemetery, East Hill    
Palestine City Cemetery, New Addition    
Palestine City Cemetery, New Addition Annex    
Palestine City Cemetery, New City      
Palestine City Cemetery, Old City    
Parker #1 Cemetery *Lat:     313628N
*Long: 0954130W
Parker #2 Cemetery      
Paul Family Cemetery      
Perry Starr Cemetery *Lat:     314010N
*Long: 0953543W
  1. Perry Cemetery
2. Starr Cemetery
Pickens Cemetery     1. Harvey Cemetery
Pilgrim Cemetery
Lat:     31:35:54.5 N
Long: 095:35:26.0 W
Pilgrim Cemetery
(African American)
Lat:     31:35:54.5 N
Long: 095:35:26.0 W
Pilgrim Rest Cemetery      
Pine Grove Cemetery      
Pine Ridge Cemetery** *Lat:     315141N
*Long: 0953431W
Pinery Cemetery Lat:     31:51:68.1 N
Long: 095:34:63.6 W
  1. Pine Hill Cemetery
Pisgah Cemetery
Lat:     1:57:46.1 N
Long: 095:37:23.2 W
1. Hopewell Cemetery
2. Mount Pisgah Cemetery
3. Brushy Creek Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Cemetery Lat:     31:45:76.5 N
Long: 095:43:14.6 W
1. Broyles Chapel Cemetery
2. Harmony Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Community Cemetery Lat:     32:02:45.5 N
Long: 095:34:10.1 W
Pleasant Springs Cemetery *Lat:     314330N
*Long: 0953732W
  1. Hewett Springs Cemetery
Plentitude Cemetery [AC#004]
Lat:     31:52:29.5 N
Long: 095:42:26.9 W
1. Antioch Cemetery
2. Plentitude Cemetery
3. Hanks Cemetery
Prairie Springs Cemetery      
Price #1 Cemetery *Lat:     315240N
*Long: 0953617W
Price #2 Cemetery *Lat:     314813N
*Long: 0953630W
  1. Price's Cemetery
Prices Chapel Cemetery
Lat:    N   32:01:09.5
Long: W 095:50:67.2
Providence Cemetery
*Lat:     315245N
*Long: 0954551W
  1. Alderbranch Cemetery
2. Sands Springs Cemetery
Rausin Cemetery      
Ray Family Cemetery      
Redneck Cemetery     1. Davis/Redneck Cemetery
Redtown Cemetery **      
Reed's Cemetery Lat:     31:40:58.7 N
Long: 095:36:58.8 W
Reed Hubbard Cemetery
Reynolds Cemetery      
Rock Cemetery      
Rock Church Cemetery
Lat:    N   31:55:50.3
Long: W 095:51:16.8
  1. Blackfoot Cemetery
Roselawn Park Cemetery, Main Section *Lat:     314511N
*Long: 0953505W
1. Roselawn Cemetery
Roselawn Park Cemetery, Catholic Section *Lat:     314511N
*Long: 0953505W
1. Roselawn Cemetery
Roselawn Park Cemetery, Masonic Section *Lat:     314511N
*Long: 0953505W
1. Roselawn Cemetery
Rosson Cemetery     1. Payne-Rosson Cemetery
Rucker Cemetery Lat:     31:42:14.0 N
Long: 095:32:67.9 W
  1. Denson Cemetery
Running Spring Cemetery *Lat:    320033N
*Long: 0952815W
  1. At Rest in The Woods Cemetery
2. Coleman Cemetery
3. McKee Cemetery
Russell Cemetery      
Sadler Cemetery     1. Sadler Family Cemetery
Saint Joseph Cemetery *Lat:     314620N
*Long: 0953712W
  1. Catholic Cemetery
2. St. Joseph Cemetery
Sands Springs Cemetery     1. Alderbranch Cemetery
2. Providence Cemetery
Self Cemetery     1. Self Family Cemetery
Settlement Cemetery      
Shade Cemetery      
Shaw Cemetery *Lat:     315317N
*Long: 0955234W
  1. Jackson/Shaw Cemetery
Sidney Cemetery      
Simmons Cemetery      
Slocum Cemetery**      
Snow Cemetery**      
Spring Creek Cemetery      
Springer Cemetery     1. Chandler Cemetery
St. Joseph Cemetery *Lat:     314620N
*Long: 0953712W
  1. Catholic Cemetery
2. Saint Joseph Cemetery
Stafford Tucker Cemetery
Lat:    N    31:59:23.4
Long: W 095:49:51.4
  1. Tucker Cemetery
2. McNeal Cemetery
3. Springfield Cemetery
Starr Cemetery
*Lat:     313958N
*Long: 0953504W
Stewart Cemetery      
Strack/Davis Cemetery Lat:     31:54:70.3 N
Long: 095:30:03.3 W
  1. Davis Cemetery
2. Strack Cemetery
Strickland Cemetery      
Strong's Memorial Park Cemetery Lat:     31:37:50.3 N
Long: 095:28:80.5 W
1. Strong's Cemetery
Sulfur Springs Cemetery**      
Swanson Cemetery
*Lat:     314605N
*Long: 0953220W
1. Bridges Cemetery
2. Bridges/Swanson Cemetery
Syrian Cemetery Lat:     31:36:32.5 N
Long: 095:37:32.4 W
Taylor Cemetery     1. Taylor Family Cemetery
Tennessee Colony Cemetery
Lat:     31:50:13.4 N
Long: 095:48:95.0 W
Thomas Family Cemetery
*Lat:     314755N
*Long: 0953203W
  1. Thomas Methodist Cemetery
2. Thomas Cemetery
3. Thornton #1 Cemetery
Thomas Starr Cemetery** *Lat:     313958N
*Long: 0953504W
Thornton #2 Cemetery Lat:     31:37:28.1 N
Long: 095:24:57.4 W
Till Family Cemetery Lat:     32:01:58.2 N
Long: 095:47:51.2 W
Todd Pond Cemetery** *Lat:     315558N
*Long: 0952834W
Toole Family Cemetery      
Trice Cemetery      
Union Hope Cemetery Lat:     31:40:25.2 N
Long: 095:28:88.3 W
Unknown (Maybe Kyle)

Ward Cemetery Lat:     31:53:61.6 N
Long: 095:52:97.1 W
  1. Ward Family Cemetery
Wardell Family Cemetery      
Washington Cemetery      
Watkins Cemetery      
White Family Cemetery      
White Oak Cemetery *Lat:     315148N
*Long: 0952703W
  1. Caldwell Cemetery
2. White Oak/Caldwell Cemetery
Whitley Cemetery      
Williams #1 Cemetery *Lat:     314600N
*Long: 0953039W
Williams #2 Cemetery      
Willow Grove Cemetery
  (transcription #2)
*Lat:     313845N
*Long: 0953938W
1. Cedar Grove Cemetery
2. Willow Grove Cemetery
Wilson #1 Cemetery *Lat:     314537N
*Long: 0953135W
  1. Wilson Family Cemetery
Wilson/Powell Cemetery Lat:     31:45:63.2 N
Long: 095:31:90.9 W
  1. Wilson #2 Cemetery
2. Link/Wilson Cemetery
Wofford Cemetery
  (veterans transcription)
*Lat:     320330N
*Long: 0952806W
Woodard Cemetery Lat:     31:36:53.9 N
Long: 095:30:94.3 W
Wynn Cemetery Lat:     31:51:30.8 N
Long: 095:58:70.9 W
  1. Winn Cemetery
Yard Cemetery *Lat:     315150N
*Long: 0955720W
1. Givens Cemetery
2. Jackson Cemetery #2
3. Jackson at Yard Cemetery

Note: Locally derived GPS Coordinates are courtesy of Mr. Wayne Stafford and Mr. Relf Huddleston.


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