Anderson County, Texas

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Volunteers for Anderson County, Texas

Please consider being a Volunteer. Every little bit helps and sometimes just looking up a name in the phonebook or copying a paragraph from an old history book can help someone in a big way; you don't have to drive to the library or purchase expensive local histories to be a good volunteer. Just remember, volunteers are the backbone of genealogy research.

If you would like to be added to the list of volunteer for this county,
 then CLICK HERE. This is for Anderson County Resources only.

Volunteer Request Guidelines

Volunteer are people who have offered to donate their time and effort to do look ups. Please follow these guidelines when making a request of these people: 

  1. Unless otherwise listed, always make the subject of your message "Anderson County lookup request".
  2. Make the first line of your message 'Regarding: (name of the resource you wish the lookup made in)'.
  3. Limit your request to one or two names. After all, this is your research, not theirs.
  4. Give all the relevant background information they will need to help find your information. (But give only relevant information; don't waste their time.)
  5. State in advance how much expense, if any, they may incur on your behalf for postage, photocopies, courthouse search fees, etc. (I tell all volunteers not to release the information they have gathered for someone until after they have been reimbursed for all agreed-upon expenses.) 
  6. Give the volunteer YOUR contact information. (E-mail or postal address, phone number, etc.) Their time and effort is wasted if they don't know how to get the information to you.
  7. Most importantly, THANK the volunteer for their time and effort


Louise Autrey Bradley

Cullen Cabler

Cullen has volunteered to do LIMITED lookups at the court house in Palestine. Please limit your request to one question.

Barbara Padgitt

Barbara has the book "The Men and Women in World War II from Anderson County". This book has a small write-up, on each included person, which mentions parents & wife (if married), rank, when entered into service and where they were during the war. She will look-up and provide the information if it's available. Since there are photo's also included, if you want a photocopy of the picture & information there will be a small fee of $3.00 for postage, envelope and copying costs.

Janet Jacobs

Janet has an eight page listing of burials at the Providence Cemetery. She will provide any information which is in the listing by email.

Barbara Jordan

Barbara is blessed with the Louis Durr accounts for his bookstore dating back to the 1870-1890's. The record book lists every single stove, pot, bowl, etc. and who bought it ... whether they were residents or  traveling thru ... their name is listed in the account books.

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