Anderson County, Texas

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The Darius P. Owens Letter

Contributed by Mike Anderson

The following was sent by Mike Anderson, a researcher for the Owens line. It is a letter from Darius P. Owens and wife back to his family in Tennessee. At the end of the letter is some research notes with associatednames.

Palestine, Anderson Co, Texas
December the 3rd 1850

Dear sisters and farther and mother and aunt and brothers and conexionall. I take my pen in hand to informyou that we are all enjoying good healthat this time hopeing when these linescome to hand they will find you allenjoying the same blesing of god Irecieved a letter from Emaline and fartherdated Sept the 29th 1850 which gaveus great satisfaction to hear from you allone time more and that you was all welland in the notion of comeing to thiscountry I would be very glad to see youall once more if I could I would be gladto mete you all on Texas shore if itis youre will and gods will but Iwould be sorry to see you come here andbe dissatisfied I am bound to think thisis a good country for a working manlabor is a good price and every thinga man rases here he can sell it it isnear to market and one that I thinkwill bee a tolerable good one Ithink this is a very plesant countryto live in we have very good societyin this portion of the country andthat is some recomendation to the countrythare is some parts of texas that thereis bad society but thare is a largemethodist church established at this placethey have held there anuel conferance herewhich adjourned last knight thare wasabout fifty preachers here Cousin ANDERSONJOURDONs family is well at this timethey have only one child liveing withthem they are doing very well cousinis practiceing medicine and a mitionarybaptice preacher thare soneinlaw layabout 20 miles from here his name isWILLIAM STEWARD I think they havefour children I have not seen MALISSA sinceI have bin here DUKEs family is allwell at this time MARY DUKE recievedfrom you NANCY but a fiew days ago oneof DUKEs sones was taken sick at my houson thare way from camp meeting he wastaken speechless all of asudent and wasthree days and knights without speakingor knowing any body and he was twoweeks before he was able to go home buthe has recovered DANIEL HARELs family isall well tell cousin JAMES BURIER thathe can do well if he was here but I willwright to hime my self in a fiewdays a man of his profesion can do well hereone of his brothersinlaws lives in henderson,rusk county I got acquainted with himthare it is JOHN DEAL my pen cannotdescribe how bad I want to see you allit fills my heart with joy when Ihear that you are all comeing here Ihope that god will enable us all tomeete one time more in this life andif on earth we meete no more I hope wewill meete on canaans shore whare partingis no more I have lived a very wicked lifesince I left you all until recentlyand thank god that our lives has binspared till this day and I am resolvedto change my course and my walk shallbe more godly I think of you all dailyand I preay to god if you come here youwill bee satisfied I do not think thisthis is a good fruit country the wetheris very changeable in the winter tharewill bee a spell in the winter so warmit is all most like summer time andsome times will change in one hour tobee very cold the summer season isvery hot but thare is moste allwaysa breeze a stiring in this countrythat couses it to bee more pleasent thanit would bee otherwise DAVID, A, OWEN hasbin at our house since we have bin livingin palestine and him and KNIGHT andBRADLY is liveing about 25 or 30 miles northof this place in a new county they callhenderson county I see and hear of a greatmany acquaintences in this country I havesaw ELIZABETH McCUTHEN She is Maried andliveing at magnolia the landing placewhare you will land if you come uptrinity river She maried a man bythe name of HAYGOOD FARROW is in thiscountry and I have saw BOB FRANKLINhe lives in rusk county PARSH MEEDE livesin this county old SIM PERRY has a soneliveing in palestine is a lawyier DOCKALLEN lives some whare not fare off andlots others to tedious to mention I will cometo a close by ading but fiew more words asI have not got room on this sheet and it isbed time any how give our love to allthe conexion an friends REBECCA KATHARINE can stanalone and will soon walk WALLACE and THEADOREis fat and ANN is in tolerable good health nomore but remain your affectionate brother andsister until death

Nancy J Owens
D P Owens
R A Owens

_____, Melissa
DEAL, John
DUKE, Mary
HAREL, Daniel
JOURDON, Anderson
McCUTHEN, Elizabeth
MEEDE, Parsh
OWEN, David A.
*OWENS, Emaline
*OWENS, Nancy
OWENS, Nancy J.
*OWENS, Rebecca Katharine
*OWENS, Theadore
*OWENS, Thomas
*OWENS, Wallace
STEWARD, William

  1. 1850 - Anderson Co., TX, Town of Palestine, 30 Sept 1850, Page 4,Line 25, Dwelling/Family 25.
    Anderson P. H. Jorden 48 yrs, Minister-Missionary Baptist, b.TN
    Sarah R. Jorden 44 yrs, b. TN
    Pleasant A. Jorden 10 yrs, b. TN

  2. 1850 - Anderson Co., TX, No TWP, 23 OCT 1850, Page 51, Line 31,Dwelling/Family 338.
    William Stewart 64 yrs, Farmer, b. NC
    Martha Stewart 27 yrs, b. TN
    Isaoh Stewart 5 yrs, b. TN
    Martha J. Stewart 5 yrs, b. TN
    Leathy A. Stewart 3 yrs, b. TN
    Caleb Stewart 2 yrs, b. Anderson Co.

  3. 1850 - Anderson Co., TX, No TWP, 07 OCT 1850, Page 34, Line 14,Dwelling/ Family 219.
    George W. Duke 50 yrs, Farmer, b. NC
    Darcus Duke 39 yrs, b. TN
    James C. Duke 24 yrs, b. TN
    William W. Duke 22 yrs, b. TN
    Mary W. Duke 16 yrs, b. AL
    Melissa A. Duke 14 yrs, b. AL
    George M. Duke 10 yrs, b. MS
    Albert P. Duke 8 yrs, b. Houston Co.
    Georgian Duke 1 yr, b. Anderson Co. (female)

  4. 1860 - Anderson Co., TX, Palestine P.O., Beat 3, 18 JUN 1860, Page23, Line 10.
    G. W. Duke 60 yrs, Farmer, b. NC
    R. A. Duke 32 yrs, b. TN (female)
    Napolion Duke 19 yrs, b. AR
    Albert Duke 17 yrs, b. TX
    G. A. Duke 9 yrs, b. TX (female)
    R. P. L. Duke 1 yr, b. TX (male)
    Thomas Owens 9 yrs, b. AL
    R. C. Owens 7 yrs, b. AL (female)
    J. M. McKnight 58 yrs, b. TN
    G. W. Ledbetter 33 yrs, b. MS

  5. 1870 - Anderson Co., TX, Palestine P.O., Page 232 (116B), Line 18, Dwelling 1680, Family 1661.
    W. J. S. Meadows 50 yrs, Farmer, b. AL
    R. A. Meadows 42 yrs, Keeping house, b. TN
    F. S. Meadows 13 yrs, b. TX (female)
    L. S. Duke 10 yrs, b. TX (female)

  6. Rachael A. OWENS married George W. DUKE on 22 DEC 1857 in AndersonCo., TX.
  7. Mrs. R. A. DUKE married W. J. T. Meaddo on 18 AUG 1870 in AndersonCo., TX.
  8. Mary W. DUKE married James E. Woodard on 19 NOV 1851 in AndersonCo., TX.
  9. Melissa A. DUKE married J. F. Dannica on 30 OCT 1852 in AndersonCo., TX.
  10. R. C. OWENS married S. A. GARNER on 19 DEC 1866 in Anderson Co., TX.
  11. Georgia DUKE married Winnett DEGRASSE on 01 JULY 1872 in AndersonCo., TX.
  12. Anderson Co., TX, CSA Pension #39378 for Mattie K. Knight, wife of Kendred Korter Knight (his Pension #19020)
  13. 1860 - Anderson Co., TX, Beat 9, Magnolia, 06 JUL 1860, Page 56(70B), Line 32, Dwelling 383, Family 386.
    W. A. Hagood 41 yrs, Com'sn Busness, b. SC
    E. A. Hagood 27 yrs, b. GA
    John C. Hagood 2 yrs, b. TX
    S. T. Tennyson 18 yrs, b. GA (female)
    P. E. McCutching 56 yrs, b. GA (female)
    Rosie McCutching 17 yrs, b. GA
    Jeff Rose 20 yrs, Clerking, b. AL
    Thos. McClanahan 33 yrs, b. MS
    Wm. Lang 47 yrs, C. Laborer, b. GA
    S. S. Black 44 yrs, C. S. Teacher, b. Ohio
    Geo. Flanny 19 yrs, Mail Carrier, b. Mo
    D. H. Fitzhugh 23 yrs, Clerking, b. Md

    Wm. H. Hagood 52 yrs, Dry Good & Commissioner/Mercht,b. SC
    Elizabeth Hagood 37 yrs, b. GA
    John Hagood 12 yrs, b. TX
    Sam T. Coffield 28 yrs, Physician, b. NC
    Charles Walker 40 yrs, Carpenter, b. AL
    Mollie McCutchin 12 yrs, att school, b. LA
    Louisa Stibbins 18 yrs, Domestic Servant, b. TX
    Samuel Dexter 26 yrs, Clerk in store, b. AL
    Celia Crist 10 yrs, waiter, b. TX
    Permelia Conkle 43 yrs, Cook, b. AL
    James Conkle 14 yrs, att school, b. AL
    Emma Conkle 13 yrs, at home, b. TX
    America Conkle 11 yrs, at home, b. TX

  14. 1850 - Anderson Co., TX, No TWP, 17 SEP 1850, Page 5, Line 32,Dwelling/ Family 30.
    Markus P. Mead 42 yrs, Farmer, b. TN
    Elizabith Mead 28 yrs, b. AR
    William M. Mead 17 yrs, b. AL
    Mary E. Mead 16 yrs, b. AL
    Nancy S. J. Mead 14 yrs, b. AL
    James R. Mead 1 yr, b. Anderson Co.
    James Grigsby 21 yrs, b. IL
    Robert H. Grigsby 18 yrs, b. IL
    Hooper A. Moore 25 yrs, b. TN

  15. 1860 - Anderson Co., TX, Beat 6, Ioni, 17 JUL 1860, Page 53B, Line40, Dwelling 566, Family 567.
    Elizabeth Mead 34 yrs, Farmer, b. KY
    James Mead 12 yrs, b. TX
    R. A. Mead 9 yrs, b. TX (female)
    V. E. Mead 5 yrs, b. TX (female)
    P. C. Mead 2 yrs, b. TX (female)

  16. William MEED married M. B. MULLINS on 23 OCT 1862 in Anderson Co.,TX.
  17. Sarah J. MEED married John H. MORRISON on 21 MAR 1861 in AndersonCo., TX.
  18. 1850 - Anderson Co., TX, Town of Palestine, 26 Sep 1850, Page 2,Line 12, Dwelling/Family 6, William Rogers' Hotel.

    James M. Perry 32 yrs, Lawyer, b. TN
  19. 1860 - Anderson Co., TX, Town of Palestine, 21 JUN 1860, Page 26(6B), Line 32, Dwelling 183, Family 181.
    J. M. Perry 41 yrs, Lawyer, b. TN
    H. E. Perry 31 yrs, b. VA
    Mozelle Perry 6 yrs, b. TX (female)
    D. J. Perry 2 yrs, b. TX (male)

  20. James M. PERRY married Mrs. Hannah BRUCE on 08 OCT 1851 in AndersonCo., TX.

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