Smith County, Texas

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Submitted by Claude Terrell


BISCOE, Mrs. Effie; born 1884, Macon, GA; died 5 May 1976; parents Nathan & Mary HARRIS; married William BISCOE

BLAYLOCK, Sister Ada Jackson; born 16 Jan 1913, Smith Co, TX; died 22 Oct 1990; parents Henry & Mary Jane JACKSON; married John Esquire BLAYLOCK

BLAYLOCK, Mr Andrew, born 2 Feb 1924, Tyler, TX; died 17 Feb 1987; parents Mr & Mrs Sammy John BLAYLOCK; married Miss Magdalene Johnson, 13 Mar 1946

BLAYLOCK, Annie McGee; born 12 Sep 1946, Tyler, TX; died 3 Jun 1999; parents John Esquire BLAYLOCK and Ada Jackson BLAYLOCK

BLAYLOCK, Mrs May Bell; born 29 Jun 1902, Winona, TX; died 29 Aug 1976; parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis; married to Mr. Sam John Blalock

BLAYLOCK, Mr Sam John, born Tyler, TX, died 9 Jun 1975.parents Mr & Mrs John Blaylock, married Miss Maybell DAVIS

BOOKER, Mrs Luberdia, born 14 Apr 1940, Tyler, TX; died 24 Nov 1999; parents Amos and Jessie BUCKNER; married C Earl BOOKER, 1 Jul 1961

BOSWELL, Mr. Luther Carroll; born 21 Mar 1901, Tyler, TX; died 14 May 1986; parents Ben BOSWELL and Sarah William BOSWELL; married Franchelle HAMPTON

BUSH, Darrin Wayne; born 9 Dec 1963, Tyler, TX; died 20 Aug 2001; parents David Bush,Sr. and Lillie Mae Bush; married Lisa SHEAD

CAMPBELL, Mr Herbert "Tootsie", born 5 Aug 1945, Tyler, TX; died 14 Feb 1992, Tyler, TX; parents W A CAMPBELL & Comie Lee Biscoe CAMPBELL

FULLER, Miss Vivian, born 28 Dec 1938, Terrell, TX; died 12 Mar 1990, Tyler, TX

HENSON, Ms. Tammie; born 4 Jan 1960, Tyler, TX; died June 2000; parents N. G. HENSON and Vivian WILBURN

ISABELL, Mr. Bennie; born 7 Aug 1914, Smith Co, TX; died 26 Dec 1988; parents Mr & Mrs Jim & Emma ISABELL; married Miss Lois STELL, 27 Dec 1944

ISABELL, Mrs Lola Steele, born 11 Dec 1921, Winona, TX; buried 4 Jan 1995; parents Bennie & Henrietta STEELE; married Mr Bennie ISABELL, 28 Dec 1944

JOHNSON, Sister Estella Mae Coleman, born 16 May 1918, Tyler, TX; died 24 Sep 1998; parents Tim & Emma COlEMAN; married 14 Feb 1937 Mr J D JOHNSON

JONES, Mrs. Thurman; born 12 Dec 1905; died 29 Sep 1998; parents Mr. :& Mrs. JONES

KIRKLAND, Rev Cleo, born 12 Dec 1909, Nacogdoces, TX; buried 17 Jul 1995; married 12 Jul 1930 Mrs. Jewel ERVIN

McCORMICK, Mr Ednar Wilbur, born 9 May 1912, Smith Co, TX; died 23 Dec 1995, Tyler, TX; parents Rev Henry CLAY and Mrs Fredonia Jackson McCORMICK; married Ercell MANNING

MEDFORD, Martha Ann "Nan"; born 10 Aug 1943, Belzoni, MS; died Nov 2001; parents Lewis and Martha Ann REDMON; married Jessie B. Jones, 1961, Kenneth MEDFORD, 19 Aug 1996

MOORE, Mylinda Joyce Blaylock Johnigan; born 11 Jan 1945; died 19 Aug 1970; parents Alonzo and Mary Jane JOHNIGAN; married (1) James V. LEMMON, (2) Alvin MOORE

OLIVER, Ms Dorcus Lee,born 24 Mar 1955, Tyler, TX; died 5 Jul 1994; parents Elder Ben MALONE and Queen Esther MOORE

OLIVER, Mr Lynn Roy, born 7 Nov 1947, Smith Co, TX; buried 4 May 1985; parents Mr J T OLIVER & Mrs Alice Oliver ALLEN; married MS Vernell LOVE, 15 Aug 1982 Ms Dorothy WOODS

PIERCE, Troy; born Cuney, TX; parents Will Gardner and Mattie PIERCE; married Ellie PIERCE

ROAN, La Tatiana La Shay Shackelford "Tot", born 5 May 1990, Tyler, TX; buried 6 Jun 1995; parents La Tina A Shakelford & Nicholas C. ROAN

ROY, Mrs Addie Mae; born 17 Aug 1905, Smith Co, TX; died 6 Sep 1987; parents Mr. and Mrs. Chester BLAIR; married Mr. Walter ROY, 20 Sep 1957

SCOTT, Mrs. Johnnie; born 8 Mar 1922, Tyler, TX; died 20 Jan 2000; parents Erving SCOTT and Aquilla BLAYLOCK; married Jerlene ALLEN

SMITH, Mr David "Enshane"; born 4 Apr 1903, Tyler, TX; buried 15 Nov 1997; parents Virgil SMITH & Henrietta SMITH; wife Birdie SMITH

TYISKA, Beatrice Ashcraft, born 16 Oct 1922, Tyler, TX; died 7 Dec 1998; parents Marshall and Buelah Ashcraft; married Samuel Delaney TYISKA

WILLIAMS, Mrs. Laura Ates; born 17 Jan 1903, Tyler, TX; died 17 Jun 1997; parents Dock and Bitha ATES; married Clarence WILLIAMS

WHEELER, Jasper Jack, died 5 Sep 1978; parents George WHEELER & Fammie WHEELER; married Savannah JACKSON

WRIGHT, Miss Carrie, born 28 Feb 1910, Cherokee Co, TX; buried 22 Jan 1988; parents Mr & Mrs Joe Wright; married Arne SANDERS

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