Smith County, Texas

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Submitted by Claude Terrell


BLAYLOCK, Lola "MaDear"; born 15 Apr 1910, Tyler, TX; died 1 Sep 1996, Mesquite, TX; parents Bill & Mary BELL GRIGGS

BROUGHTON, Mr. Wardell; born 22 Apr 1948, Galilee Community, Smith Co, TX; died 3 Feb 1980; parents Mr. & Mrs. Jettie BROUGHTON, Sr; married Miss Cassie WILLIAMS

BYERS, Mrs. Enthis, born 9 Feb 1895, Smith Co, TX; died 27 Jan 1987; parents Mr & Mrs John O COX; married Rufus BYARS

BYARS, Livingston S "Uncle Baby", born 23 Mar 1904, Flint, TX; died 29 Apr 1996; parents Howard and Hannah BROWNING BYARS

BYARS, Mrs Vermie Myrtle, born 16 Dec 1908, Smith Co, TX; died 22 Jan 1979; parents Mrs. Mariah DEAN and Mrs. Tolbert REESE; married 15 Nov 1927 Rufus G BYARS

COATS, Mr Allen A; born 22 Jun 1913, Galilee Community, Smith Co, TX; died 16 Mar 1985; parents Mr & Mrs Ed COATS; wife Mrs Augustine B. COATS

COATS, Mrs Caroline, born 6 Dec 1911, Tyler, TX; died 31 Oct 1992; parents Warren & Ophelia OLIVER; married Johnie COATS

COATS, Mr Hurmia Lee, born 29 Mar 1933, died 26 Oct 1984, parents Johnnie & Caroline COATS, wife Mr Bennie Fay COATS

DEAN, Rhoda Brown; born 3 Jun 1889, Cherokee Co, TX; died 9 Aug 1978; parents Mr & Mrs George BROWN; married Mr Andy DEAN, 1904

DEAN, Mr Welton; born 19 Jan 1916, Smith Co, TX; died 30 Dec 1969; parents Mr & Mrs Will DEAN; married (1) Lillie F Williams (2) Josei DEAN

FORD, Mrs Essie Lee LOLLAR; born 11 Mar 1928, Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 10 Jan 1984; parents Essie J LOLLAR & Roosevelt LOLLAR; married Roosevelt FORD, 15 Jun 1946

RAIBON, Mrs Amanda Evelyn JOHNSON ADAMS RAIBON; born 7 Jan 1927, Flint, TX; buried 21 Jan 1989; parents Samuel JOHNSON & Albert Evelyn HARRISON; foster parents Mondy & Annie Britton ADAMS; married Theodore RAIBON

JOHNSON, Flora Lee BLAYLOCK,; born 21 Feb 1896, Winona, TX; died 21 May1986; parents John & Mary Jane STEWARDT BLAYLOCK; marred Mr Porter JOHNSON

JONES, Mr Everett D, born 25 Aug 1900, died 15 Jan 1985, parents Steve & Cassie JONES, married Ollie Mae GIPSON

JONES, Mr L B Sr; born 12 Dec 1890, Tyler, TX; died 30 Nov 1979; parents Mr & Mrs Steve JONES; married Miss Francis SMITH, 1912

MORRIS, Mr. Thurman, born 25 Oct 1927, Anderson Co, TX; died 6 Apr 1986; parents Jim Morris and Arrie Hart; married 3 May 1947 Epmeliues BYARS, Tyler, TX

OLIVER, Mr Daniel B; born 8 Apr 1936, Tyler, TX; buried27 Dec 1995; parents Elder Walter B OLIVER & Gertrude CROW OLIVER

OLIVER, Walter B, born 15 Oct 1905, Smith Co, TX; died 22 Jun 1999; parents Julius Ceasar OLIVER and Rena JACKSON OLIVER; married Gertrude CROW OLIVER

PARKER, Mr Richard; born in Bullard, TX; died 19 May 1983; parents William & Irene PARKER; married Miss Elmire DAVIS who died 1 Apr 1982

PARKS, Mr Aaron; born 29 Nov 1920, Smith Co, TX; died 26 Sep 1978; parents Mr & Mrs Jettie PARKS

RAIBON, Glen, born 8 Dec 1948, Smith Co, TX; died 5 Oct 1999; parents Theodore and Amanda RAIBON.

RUNNELS, Adell, born 11 Aug 1938; died 30 Jul 1998; parents Roosevelt and Essie LOLLAR

RUNNELS, Mrs Burlie Z; born 14 Jan 1912, Smith Co, TX; died 4 Feb 1986; parents Mr John & Mrs Eliza Johnson BLAYLOCK; married Mr Willie RUNNELS, 16 Sep 1928

SCOTT, Parthenia , born 13 Aug 1904, Smith Co, TX; died 13 Jan 2000; parents Martha SWANSON and George BRAXTON; married Frank SCOTT, Sr. 9 Jun 1921

WARREN, Mrs Glenda Faye; born 30 Apr 1950, Tyler, TX; buried 28 Jun 1985; parents Herman L SCOTT & Bertha SCOTT SWINDLE; married Billy TOWELS

YARBROUGH, Mr. William; born 31 Jul 1908, Smith Co, TX; died 2 Jun 1991; parents Mr & Mrs Dennis YARBROUGH; married (1) Mrs. Louise HENDLEY (2) Emma R MANLEY YARBROUGH

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