Smith County, Texas

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BAKER, Mr. Leroy; born 2 Sep 1900, Ferris, TX; died 16 Sep 1982; parents George & Lizzie BAKER; wife Mrs. Roberta BAKER

BAYLESS, Mr Jimmy Noble, born 2 Dec 1935, Tyler, TX, died 27 May 1991, Tyler, TX; parents Mr & Mrs Willis BAYLESS; married Carolyn L. MACK, 15 Nov 1974

BAYLESS, Mrs. Willie Mae, born 17 Sep 1912, Smith Co, TX; died 20 Jul 1994, Tyler, TX; parents Mr. Jim and Emma ISABELL; married Mr Willis BAYLESS

BAYLESS, Mr Willis, born 2 Mar 1912, Smith Co, TX; died 26 Aug 1988; parents Lawyer BAYLESS and Ida Williams BAYLESS; married Miss Willie ISABELL, Jul 1935

CAIN, Mr Bobby D, born 19 Apr 1933, Smith Co, TX; buried 12 Jan 1991; parents Lewis & Zola CAIN

DAVIS, Mary Louise, born 15 Sep 1982, Tyler, TX; died 24 Dec 1990; parents Moses L DAVIS & Winda WHITMILL

CLARK, Mr Henry Lee; born 10 May 1924, Tyler, TX; died 12 Mar 1986, Tyler, TX; parents Henry & Effie CLARK

FORD, Mr. David (Sweetie) , born 24 Apr 1911; buried 17 Jun 2000; parents Willie D. and Georgia Ford; married Ethey Fay Blanton 1937

GRIGGS, Earnest; born 2 Aug 1900, Tyler, TX; died 3 Nov 1985, Houston, TX; parents Bill and Cora GRIGGS

GRIGGS, Mr Henry; born 14 Oct 1888; died 14 Mar 1976; parents Mr & Mrs Bill Griggs

GRIGGS, Mr Willie; born 5 Aug 1915; died 5 Dec 1994, Mother Frances Hospital, Tyler, TX; parents William & Mary Bell GRIGGS; married (1) Viola ALEXANDER, (2) Lorine SMITH

SMITH-GRIGGS, Lorine, born 20 Apr 1925, Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 28 Oct 1999; parents David "Enshane" Smith and Emma Ware-Tilley; married Willie GRIGGS

HOOD, Reverend Arthur C Hood, born 16 Nov 1903, died 25 Jan 1980; parents Mr & Mrs Albert & Jannie HOOD; married Vera BAYLESS HOOD

HOOD, Mrs. Vera Bayless; born 11 May 1900, Gregg Co, TX; died 23 Sep 1979, Melrose Nursing Home, Tyler, TX; parents Mr & Mrs Lawyer BAYLESS; married Mr Arthur C HOOD

ISABELL, Mrs Emma, born 17 Sep 1884, Tyler, TX; died 29 Jul 1982; parents Mr & Mrs Jack BELL; married Mr Jim ISABELL

ISABELL, Mr Robert, born 7 Oct 1910, Tyler, TX; died 6 Oct 1974; parents Mr and Mrs Jim ISABELL; married Miss Mercedes WADE, 27 Feb 1937

KING, Mr Edward, born 17 Dec 1915, Kennard, TX; died 26 Dec 1973, Tyler, TX; parents Mr & Mrs Jessie KING; married Katherine WADE, 26 Dec 1936

KING, Mrs Katherine Wade, born 23 Sep 1915, Smith Co, TX; died 18 May 1992; parents Mr & Mrs Levi Wade; married Edward King, 26 Dec 1936

LEE, Mrs Daisy Smith, born 11 Aug 1903, Smith Co, TX; died 1 Jul 1995, Tyler, TX; parents George and Caroline SMITH; married Isaiah LEE, 27 Sep 1927

LEE, Mr Isaiah; born 26 Sep 1901, Morgan Co, GA; buried 27 Apr 1982; parents Mr & Mrs Henry LEE; married Mrs. Daisy SMITH in 1927

NEALY, Mrs Quincye Belle King, born 5 Feb 1938, Smith Co, TX; died 2 Nov 1990, Tyler, TX; parents Mr & Mrs E M KING; married Calvin Nealy, Jr, 20 May 1966

OLIVER; Mr Joseph (Joe); born 22 Jan 1915, Tyler, TX; died 18 Jan 1981; parents Julus & Rena OLIVER; married (1) Mrs Mae Dell Jone OLIVER, (2) Mrs Nove Lee Jones OLIVER

OLIVER, Stone W, Sr, born 19 March 1916, Tyler, TX; died 21 July 1998; parents Warren, Sr and Ophelia Williams OLIVER; married Victoria ROSS, 16 May 1946

OLIVER, Julius T; born 11 Oct 1904, Smith Co, TX; died 9 Jul 1976; parents Mr & Mrs Julius C Oliver; died 9 Jul 1976; married Alice V Wright of Henderson, TX in Dec of 1945

SMITH, Mrs Birdie Lee; born 1 Nov 1908, Smith Co, TX; died 1 May 1969; parents Mr & Mrs William GRIGGS; married David Smith Sep 1929

SMITH, Mr David "Ensane" SMITH, born 4 Apr 1903, Tyler, TX; buried 15 Nov 1997; parents Virgil SMITH and Henrietta SMITH; married Birdie SMITH

SMITH, Mr Jimmie, born 25 May 1933, Smith Co, TX; died 20 Apr 1998; parents Lovie SMITH and Katie BROWNING, married Minnie Irene Smith

SMITH, Miss Renee; born 10 Nov 1956, W Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL; died 27 Dec 1971, Tyler, TX; parents Nathan & Juanita SMITH;

STIGERS, Mr Oscar; born 7 Jan 1895, Naples, TX; died 4 Jul 1971, wife Mrs Sadis STIGERS

WALTON, Mr Alfred, born 4 Aug 1900, Camp Co, TX; died 6 Jan 1985; parents Mr & Mrs Cline WALTON; married Marian COTTON, married 11 Nov 1933 Laura BOLTON

WALTON, Jesse B, born 10 Jan 1943, Smith Co, TX; died 1 Nov 1983, Tyler, TX; parents Mr. & Mrs. Alfred WALTON; married Betty Jean SMALLWOOD

WALTON, Mrs. Laura Bolton, born 7 Sep 1908, Pittsburg, Camp Co, TX; died 24 May 1999, Tyler, TX; parents Mr. Tom and Maggie BOLTON; married Mr. Alfred WALTON, 11 Nov 1933

WARE, Mrs. Annie Mae; born 28 May 1912, Tyler, TX; buried 31 Oct 1992; parents Nathan & Lucy WARE; married John B, Smith, 20 Apr 1929

WEBB, Mrs. Leola Beasley, born 19 Apr 1917; buried 12 Dec 1987; parents Perk and Annie BEASLEY; married Roy JACKSON

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