Smith County, Texas

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ARNOLD, Mrs Vivian Jessie, born 12 Sep 1922, Tyler, TX; died 12 Jun 1996; parents Mr. Jesroe BROOKS and Mrs. Mattie Pearl OLIVER; married J. B. Arnold

BARNES, Mrs. Murline; born 27 Jun 1924, Tyler, TX; died 27 Mar 1991; parents Jim MITCHELL & Dorothy BROWNING

BIGGS, Mrs. Lola Bell, burial 30 Aug 1959

BROOKS, Sister Lola, born 7 Feb 1909, Tyler, TX; died 2 Mar 1994; parents Willie D & Mollie Wade FORD

CAIN, Mrs Mattie Mae, born 17 Mar 1917, St Louis Community, Tyler, TX; died 22 Mar 1999; parents Mr Willie & Mrs Mattie Ford GOSS; married Mr Lewis CAIN, Mr Jersey ADAMS, Jr, & Mrs Oscar WINDOM

ERWIN, Benjamin (Bang Lacy), born 2 Feb 1902, Tyler, TX; died 17 Feb 1996; parents Ms Sarah LACY and Mr Luke ERWIN; married Lillian JACKSON

FORD, Mr Crawford; born 15 Oct 1904, Gilmer, Upshur Co, TX; died 14 May1986; parents Mr & Mrs Willie D. FORD

FORD, Mrs Georgia, born in Smith CO, TX; died 8 Oct 1973, Tyler, TX; parents Mr & Mrs January WADE; married Mr Willie D Ford

FORD, Mr Leo, born 7 Jul 1917, Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 27 Feb 1989; parents Mr & Mrs Willie D FORD; wife Mrs Everteen Ford

FORD, Mr Tommie, born 6 Mar 1913, buried 5 Jun 1993; parents Mr Willie D & Mrs Georgia FORD; married Ms Claudie Mae BROWING

GUPTON, Mrs Nella B, born 2 Jun 1908, Smith Co, TX; died 25 Dec 1990, Englewood, CA; parents Warren OLIVER, Sr and Ophelia Williams OLIVER

HOUSTON, Mr Arthur H, born in Smith Co, died 17 Aug 1976; parents Mr & Mrs WILLIAMS; married (1) Miss Ora Belle GREENE (2) Thelma

INGRAM, Mr Abe; born 11 Dec 1913, Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 5 Jun 1986; parents John & Emma Lindsey INGRAM; wife Mrs. Pauline Ingram

JOHNSON, Jimmy Earl; born 9 May 1950, Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 17 Jan 1990; parentsWillie & Doreatha JOHNSON; married Miss Bobbie N. ROGERS

KING, Mrs. Eddie B, born 27 Sep 1896, Smith Co, TX; buried 6 Sep 1986; parents Levi & Mariah WADE; married Mr Jimmy King, 1938

MARTIN, Mrs Tinsey Selena, born 26 May 1907, Smith Co, TX; died 3 Oct 1992; parents Thorton & Mary HESTER; married Hubert MARTIN, 4 Jan 1926

MOORE, Mrs Ophelia Wade, born in Smith CO, TX; died 25 Nov 1972; parents Mr & Mrs Levi WADE, Sr

OLIVER, Mrs Ophelia, born 6 May 1889, Smith Co, TX; died 8 Jul 1964; parents Mr & Mrs Andrew WILLIAMS; married 27 Dec 1907 Mr Warren OLIVER

OLIVER, Stone W, born 19 Mar 1916, Tyler, TX; died 21 Jul 1998; parents Warren, Sr and Ophelia Williams OLIVER; married Victoria ROSS, 16 May 1946

OLIVER, Mr Warren "Uncle Buddy" Jr, born 9 Feb 1910, Smith Co, TX; died 5 Aug 1985; parents Warren OLIVER, Sr and Ophelia Williams OLIVER

PHILLIPS, Mrs Jessie Lee, born in Tyler, TX; died 15 Aug 1962; parents Mr & Mrs Hilliard Wiliam; married Jul 1931 Mr Dawson PHILLIPS, Jr

POE, Mrs Bertha; born 4 Apr 1904, Smith Co, TX; died 3 Feb 1989; parents Mr & Mrs Vander L BANKS; married Mr David C POE, 6 Mar 1932

POE, Mr David Milton Poe "Baby Boy Poe", born 13 Aug 1937, Tyler, TX; buried 8 Jul 1987; parents Mr & Mrs David C POE; married Ms Dorothy Jean STANCELL

RICHARDSON, Mrs Alma Ferguson, born 5 Jul 1910, Gregg Co, TX; died 30 Aug 1987, Tyler, TX; parents Mr Webster & Mrs. Minnie FERGUSON

RUNNELS, Mrs Burlie Z; born 13 Jan 1912, Smith Co, TX; died 4 Feb 1986; parents Mr John & Mrs Eliza JOHNSON BLAYLOCK; married Mr Willie RUNNELS, 16 Sep 1928

SCOTT, Mr Coy, Sr, born 1 Apr 1925, Smith Co, TX; died 9 Apr 1996; parents Mr Berry SCOTT, Sr and Irene Cain SCOTT; married Fannie Mae YARBROUGH

SHELTON, Mrs Lillian Hughey; born 31 Dec 1899, Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 14 Sep 1980; parents Newton & Mattie HUGHEY

SMITH, Mrs Elnora Josephine, born 3 Jan 1906, Smith Co, TX; died 24 Jun 1995; parents Mr Nichols & Mrs Louise CAIN; married Walter RICHARDSON, 3 Jan 1924, Lester V. Smith, Sr, 6 Dec 1927

TAYLOR, Mr John Walton, born in Smith Co, TX; buried 5 Jul 1983; parents Mr & Mrs Jim TAYLOR; married Miss Mabel L SMITH

TAYLOR, Mabel Louise Smith, born 2 Jul 1911; died 30 Sep 1999; parents John & Ella SMITH; married John Walton TAYLOR

TAYLOR, Ms Myrtle Vivian, born 29 Sep 1904, Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 24 Aug 1986; parents Jim & Georgia TAYLOR

WADE, Miss Annie Bell, born in Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 19 Apr 1985, Tyler, TX; parents Levi & Maxi WADE

WADE, Mr Lonzo, born in Tyler, Smith Co, TX; died 3 Jan 1972, Los Angeles, CA; parents Mr & Mrs Levi WADE; married Miss Mary Jane ROBINSON

WADE, Mrs Louisia M, born 27 Jul 1901, Tyler, TX; died 2 Feb 1988, Oakland, CA; parents Vander & Mary BANKS; married Mr Jessie WADE

WADE, Miss Marguerite, born 10 Sep 1908, Smith Co, TX; died 24 Nov 1997; parents Levi & Maxie Rider WADE

WADE, Mr Rainy, born in Tyler, Smith Co, TX; buried 24 Dec 1966; parents Levi & Maxie WADE

WHITLOCK, Mr James E. (Lock), born 27 Dec 1944; buried 8 Oct 1999; parents Mr M W WHITLOCK & Mrs Farrie C WHITLOCK; married Nancy JONES-LOVINGS

WHITLOCK, Mr Larry N, born 4 Jan 1947, buried 20 Oct 1990; parentsMr & Mrs M W WHITLOCK & Mrs Farri C WHITLOCK; married Carolyn J WILSON

WILLIAMS, Essie Vivian, born 3 May 1901; died 27 Jul 1985, Tyler, TX; parents Hilliard & Melissa WILLIAMS

WILLIAMS, Mrs Gaudia R, born 9 Nov 1896, Smith Co, TX; died 19 Nov 1986; parents Mr & Mrs Jack and Alice RAIBON; married 1 May 1926 James WILLIAMS

YOUNG, Miss Darthula; born 27 Apr 1897, Smith Co, TX; died 17 Jun 1978, Tyler, TX; parents Mr Tob & Elizabeth YOUNG

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