Smith County, Texas

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Section H
Rose Hill Cemetery
Tyler, Smith County, Texas

by Scott Fitzgerald.



J. Gordon Adams
Mary Ann Adams


Baade Albert Edward Baade Sr. Hubert D. Babin
Lovenia L. Babin
Millard F. Barnes
Military Marker
Barnett Aline Evans Barnett
William Leland Barnett Franklin P. Baughn
Pearl M. Baughn
Ernest B. Boone
Bertha Lee Boone
Brown Albert Marvin Brown Lillian Elizabeth Suggs Brown


Jewel Baade Cagle Carey James Barney Carey
Elmer C. Carlson
Ebba M. Carlson
Carr Homer C. Carr
Wilma Ruth Carr Chilcote Farris E. Chilcote
Maude F. Chilcote H. H. (Hank) Cisson
Eva Cisson
Rev. Elbert L. Conyers Pearl Howell Conyers R. Hinton Cosby
Alpha H. Cosby
Crews Annie D. Crews Sim H. Crews
Crouch Alvin Crouch Esther Crouch
Norman Ross Crouch    


Ellis M. Dagher
R. Pauline Dagher
George A. Davis
Audie L. Davis
Laura L. Stamps Dobbs
Wilburn R. Dobbs Donald O. Dougherty
Miriam V. Dougherty


Jackson Barnes Elliott
Etta Louise Elliott
Emma Ray C. Ellis  


Johnnie Lee Faris Farmer Babe Wofford Farmer
Benjamin Harrison Farmer Ferrill James Preston Ferrill
Pearlie Mae Ferrill George Alex Fisher
Frances Emma Fisher
Jackson J. Flowers Majorie W. Flowers Freeze
D. Porter Freeze M. Eufaula Freeze R.Giilmer Freeze
Leonard E. Fyie Jr.
Military Marker


James L. Gallaspy
Myrtle F. Gallaspy
Gantt Harry Talma Gantt
Norene Ray Gantt Gaston Celia C. Gaston
Percy F. Gaston Bernice Giles
Colby C. Giles
Homer Thomas Glover
Lois Hayes Glover
Grantham Alice L. Grantham Paul E. Grantham
Mollie Catherine Green Gustovich Pete Gustovich
O Inez Stamps Gustovich    


Haley - Faris Elmo Allen Haley Eule Lee Haley
Robert I. Hardage
Myrtle M. Hardage
Harman Mary Nell Harman
Truman C. Harman
Military Marker
Ola Mae Stamps Hart ?? Hunter
?? Hunter



Jackson Clara Evans Jackson Phoebe Avalon Jackson
Katy Mae Jones Simon N. Jones
Anna Lola Jones



Edward L.Lee
 ?? Lee
Lewis Benjamin Clyde Lewis
Military Marker
Elsie Mae Lewis Sue H.Lewis Pansy E. Cunningham Willis - Lively
Loftin Roy Dean Loftin  


Manush Harry H. Manush Maude B. Manush
Marsden Alice T. Mayes McDonald - Barnes
Ann Barnes McDonald Bernice Oletha McDonald Conrad C. McDonald
Henry Ray McDuffey
Hazel Lee McDuffey
Edward H. McIlheran
Lucile H MvIlheran
Truett McKeever
Gloria McKeever
Leland Truett McKeever
Military Marker
Era Thomas Miller
Mollie Trula Miller
Clois S. Miller
Military Marker
William B. Murray
Mary H. Murray



Only Obert Oxford
Johnnie Fae Oxford


Cecil H. Payne
Polly Willis Payne
Bertha M. Perigo Pinkerton
Elizabeth P. Pinkerton P. C. Pinkerton, Sr. Pinkerton
Pickens Caldwell Pinkerton, III Pickens Caldwell Pinkerton, Jr. Yvonne Tomme Pinkerton
Platt Charles Edward Platt Nelda Lou Platt
Prestwood Maurine "Sally" Prestwood Pat Moore Prestwood



Fred Ridley
Ruth Ridley
Fannie Harrison Riley Russell
Harold G. Russell    


Sadler Dickerman Sadler Lillie Cade Sadler
Saleh Amelia M. Saleh John T. Saleh Sr.
Scott Arrien Scott Doris Wynell Scott
Dudley R. Scott Sexton Gladys Olivia Sexton
Shirley Frank Smith
Julia Smith
Smith Eunice I. Smith Jim M. Smith
Stamps Frank T.Stamps Frank W. Stamps
Military Marker
Opal D. Stamps Hoyt Vernon Sumner
Tina Elizabeth Sumner
Hoyt V. Sumner
Military Marker


Theilen Theodore M. Theilen Thompson
Betty Franklin Thompson Cathy Anne Turman  




Walton George Walton
Military Marker
Richard Webster
Corea Webster
John A. Wheelis
Era M. Wheelis
Kathryn Lynne Whitson Willis
Robert C. Willis Wilson Donnie Mae Wilson
Faye Wilson    



Mahala Ann Young    



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