Smith County, Texas

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PARISHIONERS - 1880-1901


These records are kept in a safe at the Cathedral office. Members of the family may request to look at the records.

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Adams J. L. & Anna Brennan Adam   Anna Mary Adam 1890
Andreaski, Andreas & Rosa Hoffman    Valentine Andreaski 1896
Andeski, Henry & Rosa Andeski    Congonia Andeski 1900
Andryespewsky, Andreas & Maria Bandurka    Pelagia Andryespewsky  1895
Armitage, Anna  1884    
Armitage, W. L & Fannie T. Armitage   Katherine Armitage 1887
Bannon, Michael & Anna Haly Bannon   William Michael Bannon 1891
Bauer, G  1891    
Belinge, Joseph Andrew 1899    
Berg, Mathilda       
Berry, J. H. 1890    
Besh, Joseph & Flora McDoald Besh    Mary Magdalen Besh  
Bowker, Charles &  Mary Walker BOWKER   James Alfred Bowker 1882
Boyette, J. M. & A. Hall Boyette    Sylvester Boyette 1900
Bradley, John & Maria Mullolland B.    Ann Bradley 1892
Breen, Thomas & Louisa Wilson B.   

John Breen
Michael Breen
Leo Breen


Brelianey, Sarah      
Broderick, James & Elizabeth      
Brodwick, James       
Bryant, Robert & Isabella Kearney B.  

Charles Robert Bryant

Catherine I. Bryant



Burks, Charles & ____Johnson Burks    Winifred Mary Burks  
Buckland, Charles Leverett & Maria Slowey Buckland  Wilson Humphrey Buckland  
Calahan, Louisa Marie       
Camel, Joseph       
Carroll, John & ____Carroll   Mary Carroll  
Cassidy, Patrick & Sarah Cassidy       
Cavitt, Anna       
Cawthron, Anna Catherine      
Chandry, Antoinette       
Chavarria, Joseph & Antonia Sungo C.     Petronella Chavarria  
Chidester, VanBuern & Anna C. Maria Chidester       
Clemens, Odelia Celeste      
Coffey, Mrs. M.      
Coffey, Patrick & ______      
Coler, Andrew & Theresa Bergmayer   Ann Teresa Coler 1889
Collier, Solomon & Mary Nolan C    Mary Catherine Collier  
Collyer, James & Elizabeth 1898    
Colson, Agnes      
Connally, Francis & Anna Cavin C.   Daniel Francis Joseph  
Connerton, Joseph & Catherine Bretano C.  

Catherine Ann Connerton
Ethel Margaret Connerton
Robert Joseph Connerton
Edward C. Connerton
James Connerton
Thomas Connerton
Agnes Connerton
Alphonsa Connerton

Cooney, Barnabas & Marguerite James 

Charles Cooney
Peter Cooney
James Cooney
Mary Cooney

Cooney, Patrick & Matilda Clements C.  

Michael Edward Cooney
Eugene Anthony Cooney
Jane Cooney

Corcoran, Edward & Maria Corcoran       
Corcoran, Patrick & Mary Calahan C.   Daniel Corcoran  
Crumby, Thos. & Sarah Crumby   James Crumby  
Cupiack (Cupjack) Francis & Anna Wasak (Washak) Cupiack   

Jane Cupiack
Martha Cupiack


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