Smith County, Texas

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PARISHIONERS - 1880-1901


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Parker, James & Elizabeth Dunn Parker  William Thomas Parker  
Perry, H. Armstrong & D. Perry Robert Perry  
Pippel, Anthony & Catherine Walesh P. Louisa Pippel  
Plunkett, Philip & Anna Mackin Plunkett Philip Plunkett  
Plunkett, Rose Ann    
Pope, James    
Quick, John Albert & Catherine R. O'Donnell Walter Joseph Quick  
Quinn, William & Maria Mathews Quin

Edward Quin
Cora Quinn
Frederick Quinn

Quinn, Joseph    
Redding, Edward  
Renalda, Jesse & Julia Thein Renalda  Anna Renalda  
Reynolds, Hugh & Caroline Edson R. Hugh Reynolds  
Reynolds, Henry    
Reynolds, J. A. & Hattie Jones Reynolds James Thomas Reynolds  
Reynolds, Robert & Mary Gilley Reynolds 

Mary Agnes Reynolds
Willa Helen Reybolds

Ridgeway, Joseph & Amanda Elward R.

Elizabeth Olivette Ridgeway
Winifred Ridgeway

Roberts, Clemens & Stella Ridgeway R.     
Roddie, Miss _______    
Rodgers, Samson & Arkie Neighbors R.  Maude Margaret Rodgers   
Rooney, _________    
Russell, John & Jennie Messer Russell Mary Brigid Russell  
Rust, Edgar    
Saleh, Gabriel & Maria Abraham Negem

Edna Marie Saleh
Philip Saleh

Saleh, Simon & Matilda Saleh Stella Saleh  
St. John, ________  
Sarkis, Elias & Maria Elis Sarkis 

Philip Sarkis
Korkmas Sarkis (Latief) 

Saunders, Walter & Catherine McGough S.

Joseph Philip Saunders
Helen Bridget Saunders
Leo Campbell SaundersMargaret Saunders
Walter P. Saunders

Scully, Daniel W. & M. Scully Cleophas Scully  
Selman, L. and ______Selman Francis Selman  
Shevrall, Robert & Mary Shevrall Benjamin Shevrall  
Smith, Augustus & Fanny Reynolds Smith

Augustus Kearney Smith
Frances Elliot Smith
Cecelia Agnes Smith

Smith, Ignatius & Paula Easley Smith   
Spencer, Elizabeth    
Swift, J. H. & Bridget Hennesy Swift Frederick Swift  
Taafe, Elizabeth    
Taafe, Margaret    
Terry, Charles & Sophie Jarrol Terry Charles Terry  
Terry, Henry C. & Marcella Raison Terry Francis Alexander Terry  
Thomas, Louis & Lena Bumb (?) Thomas Frederick J. Thomas  
Thompson, Walter Zachary & Annabella Hogg Thompson

Walter Zachary Thompson
William Francis Thompson

Torti, Paul    
Torti, Frank    
Trimble, Mrs. M. J    
Van Wie, K. & Sarah Van Wie  Joan Van Wie  
Vascovitch, George    
Voight, Augustus    
Waas. F. G.    
Waggoner, J. R. C. & M. E. Waggoner James Waggoner  
Walen, Maria    
Wales, Robert & Theresa Delandy Wales 

Albert Wales
Robert Wales

Wehmeyer, F. J. & Carrie Wehmeyer    
Williams, James & Mary Millington W.

Helen Williams
Charles Williams
Emily Williams
Anne Williams
Ludovic Williams
Paul Dewey Williams

Wochendalle, ____& Rose Wochendalle Josephine Wochendalle  
Wood, Nicholas & Sarah Colburn Wood John Patrick Wood  
Wright, P. William & Anna Rowley W.

Leo Aloysius Wright
Charles Wright
Ann Margaret WrightWinifred Monica Wright

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