Smith County, Texas

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1892 ROLL

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Norton, Mrs. S. C. Norton, Sackie Nelson, W. B.
Nelson, Ella Nelson, Olivia Norris, Mrs. Imer
Oden, Mrs. Dixie Onion, J. F. Olsen, B. G.
Olesen, Mary E. Patterson, Mrs. H. E. Patterson, Mrs. Lelia
Patterson, Mrs. Mary E. Patterson, J. R. Patterson, Mrs. J. R.
Patterson, W. J. Patterson, Jno. F. Pennybacker, P. V.
Parker, Mrs. M. C. Powell, J. S. Perry, Mrs. W. W.
Perry, Jennie M. Pawley, Mrs. Amelia V. Perdue, Mrs. Ida
Patterson, Mrs. Martha A. Reid, W. M. Reid, Mrs. Emma
Rowland, H. H. Rowland, Mrs. H. H. Rowland, B. W.
Rowland, Mrs. B. W. Rowland, Miss I. C. Rowland, Miss M. J.
Rowland, Carrie Rowland, Benj. D. Rowland, E. S.
Rowland, Mrs. E. S. Rowland, Cheatie Rowland, P. W.
Ramsour, Mrs. M. J. Rainwater, V. C. Rainwater, Mrs. M.
Ramey, T. B. Ramey, Mrs. T. B. Ragland, R. W.
Ragland, Mrs. E. W. Ragland, Jessie Roberts, B. W.
Roberts, Mrs. M. E. Roberts, Mrs. Dora Reynolds, A. L.
Rogers, E. P. Rogers, Mrs. E. P. Rogers, Miss S. C.
Rogers, Henry H. Rogers, Emma G. Robinson, M.
Robinson, Mrs. M. Reaves, Mrs. Jennie Reaves, Miss Ophelia
Riley, Mrs. Lula Renfro, Mrs. Jessie Shuford, Dr. Q. A.
Shuford, Mrs. Q. A. Seeton, Mrs. E. J. Seeton, J. H.
Stith, Mrs. Emma Satterfield, Mrs. M. E. Secrest, L. A.
Secrest, Mrs. L. A. Sharp, J. M. Sharp, Mrs. J. M.
Sneed, J. F. Sneed, Mrs. L. M. Sneed, Mrs. M. A.
Starley, Mrs. M. H. Starley, Mrs. L. K. Starley, Mrs. Emma
Sandidge, Guy Sandidge, Miss Vera Sandidge, Daisy
Stephens, Mrs. M. A. Stephens, Leila Smullins, Joseph
Seigle, Miss Bennie Swann, Luther Swann, Miss Anna
Swann, Mamie Stone, J. D. Stone, Mrs. J. D.
Shockley, Mrs. C. L. Smallwood, Ed Jr. Scott, Dr. W. D.
Sanford, Jno. A. Schmidt, J. J. Sharp, Mrs. S. M
Sharp, Lena Swan, R. F. Sims, Mrs. E. H.
Spicer, J. Y. Spicer, Mrs. J. Y. Spicer, Ada
Shaw, Mrs. Bettie Snow, Mrs. M. S., Camden, Ark. Stewart, J. D.
Skjolden, Anna  Skjolden, Hans Skjolden, Oscar
Smith, Mrs. T. P Smith, Mazie Self, E. D.
Smith, C. A. Smith, Miss W. A. Smith, Mrs. A. C.
Smith, Mrs. Bettie Smith, Saunders Stanford, J. W.
Smullins, Mrs. J. D. Smith, Mrs. Nina, Nee Day Smith, Mrs. Jozelle, Palestine, Tex.


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