Smith County, Texas

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1892 ROLL

T - Y


Turner, Mrs. A. H. Trent, Jas. Tipton, S. W.
Tipton, Mrs. S. W. Tate, W. K. Thompson, Mrs. D.
Urquhart, H. B. Urquhart, Mrs. E. K Urquhart, Kattie Ione
Valentine, Miss M. Voight, Miss J. G. Verner, L. E.
Verner, Lola Williams, E. C. Williams, J. M.
Williams, Mrs. J. M. Williams, Della Williams, Miss M. E.
Williams, Willie Williams, Leo Williams, Edward
Wright, Leon Wright, Mrs. Leon Wiley, T. J.
Wiley, Mrs. T. J. Wiley, Mrs. S. A. Wiley, Mrs. Ira
Wiley, Mrs. Nannie Weaver, Mrs. Victoria Willis, E. M.
Willis, Mrs. E. M. Wiggins, Mrs. J. W. Wood, Mrs. Delia
Woldert, Mrs. Lula Woldert, Alex Woldert, Mrs. Alex
Welch, Mrs. Ella Wiginton, Mrs. Alice  Wilson, Mrs. Mary
Watkins, Chas. O Watkins, Mrs. Chas. O. Walgomoth, Mrs. M.
Walgomoth, J. A. Walgomoth, Mary Woods, A. J.
Woods, Mrs. A. J. Williams, Robt. E. White, Mrs. H. C.
Walker, Carrie Weathersby, R. C. Willoughby, Mrs. Etta
Yost, C. B. Yost, Mrs. C. B. Yarbrough, Mrs. Edith


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