Smith County, Texas

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Casey Askew

By Andy Leath

Casey Askew, born 1820, MS; died 1913; married Elizabeth J. ___ born, 1825, TN; died 1888, Smith Co., TX; both buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX. They moved to Tyler about 1869. He was a merchant in Tyler.

  • 1. Henry Garrison Askew, born c 1846, TX; died 1918, Austin, TX; married 1870, Smith Co., TX, Mary E. Wood, born c 1854, TX; died, 1870s. She was the daughter of Silas Wood and Ophelia Collier. Henry was deputy collector for the Internal Revenue during Reconstruction, his father-in-law was the Internal Revenue Collector. Henry later was a merchant in Tyler, a bank cashier, and an auditor for the Cotton Belt Railroad. In 1891 he moved to Austin to be an auditor for the newly created Railroad Commission.
    • a. Charles G. Askew, born 1872, TX; died 1945, Austin, TX; unmarried, buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, TX.
    • b. Ada Askew, born c 1874, TX; unmarried
  • Henry Garrison Askew married 2nd 1875 Smith Co., TX, Sarah Elizabeth Smith "Lizzie", born c 1857, TX; died 1932 Austin, TX.;both buried Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, TX. Her parents: Thomas and Susan A. Smith.
    • c. Florence Alberta Askew, born c 1879, TX; married J. W. McLaughlin, no children
    • d. Susan Elizabeth Askew, born c 1881; married Alfred W. Oliphant, lived Austin, TX
    • e. Ernest Askew, born 1883; died 1890; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX.
    • f. Henry Angelius Askew, born 1885; died 1886; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX.
  • 2. Samuel R. Askew, born c 1851, TX, a doctor in East Texas and Oklahoma
  • 3. Mary E. Askew, born 1855, TX; died 1943, St. Louis, MO; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX, married 1871 Smith Co., TX, Theodore F. Deweese died c 1879.
    • a. Cornelius E. Deweese "Neal", born c 1873, Tyler, TX; died 1950, Tyler, TX; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX, married 1893, Smith Co., TX, Mary Huggins, born 1876 died 1895 buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX, no children. Her parents: William J. & Mary A. Huggins. He married 2nd 1914 Smith Co., TX, Bessie James, no children. He worked for various railroads throughout the US and Alaska Territory, then in the 1930s went to work for the City of Tyler.
  • Mary E. Askew Deweese married 2nd 1882 Smith Co., TX, James Wiley Butler born 1843, AL.; died 1916; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, TX. His parents: William Booker and Elizabeth Down Hempstead Butler. After his death, she moved to St. Louis to live with her daughter.
    • b. Elizabeth Butler "Bessie", born 1883, TX; married 1908 Smith Co., TX, Julius M. Bischoff, born 1880 MO; died 1943, lived St. Louis, MO. He was a civil engineer for a railroad company. His father: Julius Bishoff.
    • c. Clarence C. Butler, born 1892, Tyler, TX.; died 1968 Austin, TX; married 1917, Smith Co., TX, Louella C. Cook born 1892, died 1985 Austin, TX, both buried Hubbard, TX, no children.
  • 4. Clarence Goodson Askew, born 1869, Hopkins Co., TX; died 1933, Tyler, TX, married 1902 Smith Co., TX, Fannie Tenison Zachary born 1875, TX; died 1951; both buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX. Her parents: Fletcher & Mary Zachary.
    • a. Henry Garrison Askew, born 1903, TX died 1975, Dallas Co., TX, married Natalie Ilma Sherrill, born 1906; died 1981, Dallas Co., TX, both buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX.




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Smith County Federal Census Images

  1. 1870 - Casey Askew - Tyler Beat - Image 0391b
  2. 1880 - Casey Askew - Image 094-08, H. G. Askew - Image 094-19
  3. 1900 - Casey Askew - Image 098-16b, - James W. Butler - Image 095-20b
  4. 1910 - Clarence Askew - Image 69-08a ED, Wiley Butler - Image 064-5b
  5. 1920 - Clarence Askew - Image 083-13b, Cornelius E. Deweese - Image 083-16a,
    Chas. Askew - Image -
  6. 1930 - Charlie Askew - Image 11-09a, Clarence H. Askew - Image 11-09a,

Obituaries from Tyler newspapers, microfilm, Tyler Public Library:

  • Henry G. Askew, June 5, 1918;
  • Mary E. Butler Apr. 5 & 6, 1943;
  • Clarence Askew Feb. 16, 1933;
  • Cornelius E. Deweese Feb. 20, 1950;
  • Clarence Butler, Oct. 28, 1968

Obituaries from microfilm, Muntz Library, University of Texas at Tyler -

  • H. G. Askew, Austin American, June 5 & 6, 1918;
  • Sarah Elizabeth Askew, Austin American-Statesman, Jan. 2, 1933;
  • Charles G. Askew, Austin American, July 10,1945;
  • Louella Cook Butler, Austin American-Statesman, Dec. 30, 1985.

Smith County Probate Records, Case 921 Clarence G. Askew minor


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