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Sterling R. PRICE, son of Sterling PRICE and Mary Ann FREEMAN, born 1804 in North Carolina. He married Alsista AUTREY, born in 1804 in North Carolina.
  1. Salena PRICE, born about 1824, Perry Co., AL; died after 1860, Henderson Co.,TX; married 19 Nov 1844 Absalom Turner WHITE, born about 1822, SC
  2. William Washington PRICE, born 11 Mar 1827, Perry Co, AL; died 19 Aug 1864, Smith Co. TX; married 7 Feb 1853 Nancy Margaret SCOTT, born 11 Mar 1833, GA
  3. John M. PRICE, born about 1828, Perry, AL; died after 1863, Smith Co., TX; married 2 Nov 1854 Sarah A. ADAMS, born about 1832, Harris Co., GA
  4. Lourania PRICE, born about 1829, Perry Co., AL; died 4 Mar 1867, Smith Co. TX; married 24 Dec 1843 James Jefferson LEWIS, born about 1825, TN
  5. Mary Ann PRICE, born about 1830, Perry Co., AL; died about 1850, Smith Co. TX
  6. Nancy Wellsley PRICE, born 15 Jan 1833, Benton (later Calhoun), AL; died 13 Feb 1909, Tyler, Smith Co. TX; married 16 Mar 1854 William Henry CLAY, born 28 Feb 1826, Madison Co.,AL
  7. George J. PRICE, born about 1835, Benton (later Calhoun), AL died 5 Feb 1863, Camp Douglas, Chicago, Cook Co., IL; married 14 Jan 1858 Minerva A. GAMMON, born about 1840, Montgomery, Republic Of Texas
  8. Madison Freeman PRICE, born 1836; married 25 Feb 1858 Christiana Jane VENABLE, daughter of Andrew VENABLE and Mary Ann EVANS, born 16 Jan 1838, St. Clair Co., AL; died 6 Mar 1924; buried Dean Baptist Church Cemetery, Smith Co., TX
  9. Benjamin Franklin PRICE, born about 1838, Benton (later Calhoun), AL; died 18 Feb 1863, Camp Douglas, Chicago, Cook Co., IL
  10. Marquis De Lafayette PRICE, born 10 Oct 1840, Benton (later Calhoun), AL; died 28 Mar 1923, Brownsboro, Henderson Co., TX; married 16 May 1866 Mary Frances LOWERY, born 4 Jun 1850, MS
  11. Eliza E. PRICE, born 9 Sep 1842, Benton (later Calhoun), AL; died 12 Jan 1921-Gorman, Eastland Co., TX; married
    1. 25 Jul 1861 Joseph FARMER, born about 1837
    2. 31 May 1874 Jasper Newton O'NEAL, born about 843, TN
  12. Sarah Alice PRICE, born 19 Aug 1844, Alabama; died 4 May 1927, TX; married 6 Jun 1862 Hugh VENABLE born 10 Dec 1831, York Co., SC; died 10 Dec 1832; buried Edom Cemetery, Edom, Van Zandt Co., TX
  13. Howard R. PRICE, born about 1846, MS; died before 1860-Smith Co. TX
  14. Martha Jane PRICE, born about 1848; died after 1880, Henderson Co., TX married 1 Jul 1866 Jasper SHAVER, born about 1847, LA
  15. Matilda PRICE, born about 1850, Smith Co. TX; died after 1860, Henderson Co.,TX

All of the boys served in the Civil War, except Howard, who died before the War started.

What a desperate time for the parents of these children, not knowing if any would come home alive! Of these six, half of them did die during the war! George and Benjamin died at Camp Douglas - a Union Prisoner of War camp in Chicago - that was found out to have very harsh and filthy conditions. Some 4,000 men died at the camp from malnutrition, disease, or froze to death between 1862 and 1865! George and Benjamin died just two weeks apart. (Cause of death - Malaria, Fever, Exposure). What a horrible death - and no family members around to comfort them!

Madison Freeman did mention in one of his letters about reading in the Little Rock Newspaper in March of 1863 about the capture of George and many others and taken as prisoners to Chicago - and dying there!

Sterling died 9 Apr 1863 in Henderson Co., TX.


Madison Freeman PRICE, the son of Sterling R. PRICE and Alista AUTREY, was born 1836. He married Christiana Jane VENABLE, daughter of Andrew VENABLE and Mary Ann EVANS, on 25 Feb 1858 in Smith Co., TX. She was born 6 Jan 1838 in St. Claire Co., AL.

  1. Hugh Madison PRICE, born 14 Feb 1859, Smith Co., TX; died 7 Mar 1927, Smith Co. TX; buried in Dean Baptist Church Cemetery, Smith Co., TX; married
    1. 20 Oct 1877 Sarah Alice GILLILAND, born 8 Mar 1857, Smith Co. TX; died 9 Mar 1912
    2. 21 Sep 1913 Mrs. Ida Rhinehardt, born about 1872
  2. Mary Alsista PRICE, born 9 Mar 1860; died 26 Aug 1923; married Andrew Jackson SINCLAIR, born 15 May 1853; died 16 Oct 1914, Smith Co. TX. Both are buried in Dean Baptist Church Cemetery, Smith Co., TX

Madison Freeman Price joined, as a private, the 22 nd Texas Infantry of the 1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. James M. Hawes had replaced Col. Young), Walker's Division, Company I (Hubbards).

The 22nd Infantry Regiment was organized on March 10, 1862 in Polk Co., TX. The men that volunteered for service in the 22nd Infantry were from Livingston, Mason, Quitman, Palestine and Tyler, TX. Field officers were Colonel Richard B. Hubbard, Lieutenant Colonel John J. Canon, Lieutenant Colonel Elias E. Lott, and Major Benjamin F. Parkes. The 22nd Texas Infantry was attached to the 1st Brigade, commanded by Colonel Overton Young, 1st Brigade, Walker's Texas Division, Trans - Mississippi Department.

Walker's Texas Division was organized at Camp Nelson, near Austin, Arkansas in October of 1862. It took its name from Maj. General John George Walker, who took command from its organizer, Brig. General Henry Eustace McCulloch, on January 1, 1863. During its existence it was commonly called the "Greyhound Division" or "Walker's Greyhounds", in tribute to its special capability to make long, forced marches from one threatened point to another in the Trans-Mississippi Department. Elements of the division attempted to relieve the siege of Vicksburg by attacking the federal troops at Milliken's Bend in June and took part in the battle of Bayou Bourbeau in Louisiana in November 1863. They later disbanded in Hempstead, Texas in May of 1865. The regiment saw action in Arkansas and Louisiana including the battle at Young's Point on June 7, 1863. Young's Point served as a vital supply depot for the Union army. Civil War Letters of Madison Freeman Price to his wife Jane.

Sometime before 1900 Christiana Jane moved in with her son Hugh Madison Price and his family where she remained until her death 6 Mar 1924. She is buried in Dean Baptist Church Cemetery, Smith Co., TX as "Aunt Jane Price." Letters written to Jane from J. W. Clary


Front Row: Uncle Bud Smith (T. A. Smith), Lawrence, Anna Smith (Mamma's oldest sister),Clyde Smith, Great Grandma (Jane Price), Grandpa (Hugh Madison Price), Grandma (Alice Gilliland Price).

Back Row: Claude Price (Oldest boy), Walter Price (youngest child), Emma Price Pegues, Lorene Thedford in mamma's arms, Lexie Bell Price Thedford

The Price Family photograph was taken by A.J. Thedford Jr. in 1905 and has this inscribed on the back of the picture along with the names:
"Grandpa Price (Hugh Madison Price) Family in front of home that was built when Mama was 16 years old. Built in 1889." - Ray Thedford




Hugh Madison PRICE, the son of Madison Freeman PRICE and Christiana Jane VENABLE, was born 14 Feb 1859 in Smith Co., TX. He married Sarah Alice GILLILAND on 20 Sep 1877 in Smith Co., TX. She was born born 7 Mar 1857, Smith Co. TX.

Children of Hugh Madison Price and Sarah Alice Gilliland:

  1. Anna Mary Christiana PRICE, born 19 Jul 1878, Dean Community, Smith Co. TX; died 2 Sep 1948, Smith Co. TX married 22 Jul 1897 Theotic Alexander SMITH
  2. Lexie Belle PRICE, born 18 Aug 1881, Tyler, TX; died 18 Jul 1964, Tyler, TX; married 25 Nov 1903 Andrew Jackson THEDFORD, son of Andrew Jackson THEDFORD and Catherine HUGHES, born 13 May 1875, Noonday, TX; died 18 Jul 1962, Tyler, TX. Both buried in Dean Baptist Church Cemetery, Smith Co., TX.
  3. Emma Lee PRICE, born 29 Mar 1884; died 2 Mar 1920; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, Smith Co., TX; married 26 Feb 1911 Ben PEGUES
  4. William Claude PRICE, born 10 Sep 1886; died 16 Nov 1953, New Harmony, TX; married 14 Oct 1906 Neva REEVES, born 28 Apr 1890; died 12 May 1957
  5. James Walter PRICE, born 29 Nov 1892; married 8 Feb 1914 Carrie Lee WYATT
  6. Infant Boy PRICE, born and died 25 Dec 1895

Sarah Alice died 9 Mar 1912 and is buried in the Dean Baptist Church Cemetery, Smith Co., TX. (Obituary)

Hugh Madison married Mrs. Ida RHINEHARDT on 21 Sep 1913 in Smith Co., TX.

Children of Hugh Madison and Ida Rhinehardt are:

  1. Opal Goldie Lee PRICE, born 4 Oct 1915; died 22 Dec 1967, Chandler, TX; married 28 Mar 1936 William Eugene "Gene" SHIFLET, born 1899; died 1959; both buried Sandflat Cemetery, Smith Co., TX;

Hugh died 7 Mar 1927, Smith Co. TX, and is buried in the Dean Baptist Church Cemetery next to his first wife Sarah Alice. (Obituary)


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