All of us have records that would benefit other people. By putting these records in the USGenWeb Archives we can not only help others but also help ourselves. Many times a common ancestor is found when another person finds the record that they need with your email address on it.

What records do you submit? Bible records, wills & estate records, deeds, obituaries, church records, school records, cemetery records, marriages, biographies - anything that will help to locate people with a date and place. Public records are the public domain but be sure that published records are not under copyright. This site gives good information about what is under copyright.

If you have your file already in your computer - all you need to do is save it to text. Decide what State and County you should put your document in. If it is a will you will want to put it where it was filed. Recently I submitted a Bible Record. I put it in Franklin Co, TN Archives where they were born and Williamson Co, TX Archives where they died. Once your file is ready to go to the Archives, go to the USGenWeb Archives Page.

Choose the State and then the county that your want to submit the file to. Send an email to the designated person with the file attached to it. Most email programs have a "paper clip" which you click on to attach the file. Click on the paper clip, find your file and attach.

Instructions for Scanning Documents - into Word Pad - Windows 95

Bring up Word Pad on your computer. (Go to Accessories and then click on Word Pad.) Scan the document using the setting your program gives for scanning text. I almost always put mine on "poor & small text."

After the document is in Word Pad, I save this to a file in text format. (i.e. save.txt) Leave that file and pull up another file. Close that file and go back to your scanned file save.txt. When this file comes up - all the formatting will be gone and you can start editing the document. Tabs will not work. You must put a space or spaces everywhere you want spaces. If you want columns - you will have to put the spaces in between to line it up properly. After you have made all the adjustments, save your file. You are now ready to send it to the archives - see above!

Mary Love Berryman

Director of the Computer Interest Group, ETGS