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I have several School pictures of the entire class with teachers. My great Aunt Percy Richardson was one of the Teachers. I believe this to be a school in Tyler, Smith Co.TX, maybe in the 1920s. If you think you have relatives in these pictures, please contact me. I have no identification on these pictures, no name of school or children.

August 18, 2000 Note

I did not know that it was Douglas School until I went through my gr.Aunt Percy Richardson's things a couple weeks ago and found several Valentines Cards made out to her in care of Douglas School, one was dated 1933.I have several of these cards of children with their full names on them, would be great to make contact with anyone of them still alive. Here are the names: Norma Jean Pursley, Laverne Thomas, Billie Jo James, Clarence Block, Mary Elizabeth Hicks, Johnny Hogan, Christine Holder, Joseph Harnaze, Margaret Cook, Rufus Fielder, O. L. Fielder, Hayne Burnett, Helen Hendrix, Juanita Horne, Fay Barnes, Denis Scott, Alta Thomas, Gerealdine Leard, Ralph Hager, Nancy Sinclair, Spencer Balentine, Joice Bell Fielder, J. O Burnett, Catherine Bounder, Jack Caisa, Dorothy Nell Neeley. Any of these ring a bell for you?Thanks for all your help

Eleonore Crespo -

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