Smith County, Texas

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Men & Women in the Armed Forces from Smith County

In Memoriam


Alexander, B. M.

Allen, Edward

Aven, M. G., Jr.

Barron, Joe T.

Black, Clifford E.

Black, Melvin E.

Bradshaw, Hurley B.

Bryant, James A., Jr.

Burns, John F.

Constantin, Jules

Crow, Earnest F.

Dodd, Frederick Welborn

Duncan, John H., Jr.

Elliott, James E.

Evans, Carl R.

Gandy, Clarence B.

Gipson, Leonard H.

Glenn, Leigh Wilson

Glover, James E.

Gradick, William H.

Gregory, Forrest S.

Griffin, John V.

Hays, Walter W.

Herrin, John E., Jr.

Hester, Raff E.

Higginbotham, John W.

Hill, Virgil Don

Hood, Travis E.

Holmes, Joseph

Hosrton, John T.

Humphrey, Garland G.

Johnson, Jack A.

Jones, Rayford

Killgore, William G.

Lackey, J. G.

Laney, Albert R.

Lee, Clifford H.

Lisman, Edward S.

Lukenbill, Burl P.

Luther, Onroe H.

Luther, Floyd

Mahaffey, Claude C.

Marmar, Aaron Charles

Martin, Clifford L.

Mayes, Norris E.

McCain, Kenneth Maurice

McIntosh, R. C. Preston

McKelvy, Edward A.

McMillan, James C.

Meadows, William David

Mills, Thomas A.

Mitchell, King F.

Moore, Charles Ridgell

Musrray, Talmage L.

Odom, Willaim M.

Pate, James H.

Pearson, Marvin M.

Perryman, Charles R.

Phillips, Thomas

Pyron, Freddie H.

Rains, Douglas G.

Redd, Kenneth J.

Rinehart, Cecil E.

Ritch, Paul R.

Roberts, Joseph B.

Rooks, James O.

Shiflet, Willie L.

Shinn, H. B., Jr.

Sides, Horace J.

Simpson, T. J.

Smith, Merle J.

Smith, Roscoe B.

Smyre, Joe Bob

Stanley, Clyde H.

Taylor, Kendall M.

Templeton, Elbert L.

Towles, David

Waters, James R.

Watkins, John C.

Whiddon, A. Malvin

Whyte, Thomas R.

Williams, Hubert W.

Williams, Vinson, Jr.

Wood, Don B. M.

Wyatt, Winfred W.

We have endeavored to obtain the names of those who have been killed in action and regret any exclusions.


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