Smith County, Texas

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by B. Williams

The dates, places, and personal achievements are taken from cemetery records and other information gotten from and Also some personal knowledge of family members.

From History of Dean Baptist Church.

In 1857, a few Baptists who had settled north of Indian Creek organized a church in a small house about six miles west of Tyler just north of what is now the Chandler road (old Chandler hwy). Edwin and wife Martha were charter members of this church. It was then known as Indian Creek Baptist Church. This church lasted only nine years from 1857-1856 before disbanding. Most of the church moved to the New Harmony church a few miles further north. In 1859 the church was moved to the Dixie Highway (Hwy 64 W) near the home of the late Judge Beaird. It was known as Dean Baptist and still exists today.

Edwin and Martha Adams are buried at Beaird Cemetery. Also Jeremiah Adams and his family.

Thomas Jefferson Adams was a farmer who had a considerable amount of land in Smith County. He owned about 320 acres of land stretching from and including what is now Bellwood Lake to north of Hwy 31W. It started at about present day Greenbriar Road and east to Bellwood lake road. Its south boundary would be about the Greenbriar lake area. This land was divided up after his death by
his wife Frances to his heirs. She retained deed to 128 acres of land. The division is listed in my father’s abstract of title. My father bought one acre of the property from a later owner. Highway 31 ran through this property.

William J. Adams was a store owner. He owned a store at about where the present Kelly Springfield credit union is located. After his death, his wife, Ada, and son William J. operated the store. It later became Tinsley’s store, owned by Paul Tinsley.

Edwin and Martha Turner Adams had the following children:

1. Alsey or Wally, a male born in 1821in Cumberland Co, NC

2. Jeremiah J. (Jerry), born 13 Dec 1825 in Harris Co, GA, and died 14 Jan 1894 at age 68. He married Sarah E. Swinney, born abt. 1831 in Georgia. They are buried at Beaird Cemetery in Tyler.

3. Elizabeth Anne, born 1 Jun 1828 in S. Carolina and died 15 Jun 1903 at age 75. About 1844 in Alabama, she married John Woods Barron. They are buried at New Harmony Cemetery in Tyler.

4. Martha Jane, born 23 Jul 1830 in GA., and died 18 Nov 1896. She married Henry Thomas Ellis. They are buried at Beaird Cemetery in Tyler.

5. Sarah A., born about 1832 at Harris Co, GA, and died 1895 at age 63. She married John M. Price.

6. William Washington, born 13 Sep 1835, and died 30 Jun 1911 at age 76. On 22 Jan 1858, he married Rachel Elizabeth Knight.

7. Thomas Jefferson, born 24 Jul 1836 in GA., and died 7 Mar 1903 at age 66. On 16 Nov 1858 at Tyler he married Frances J. Knight, born 17 Nov 1843 and died 21 Dec 1924 at age 81. They are buried at Pleasant Retreat Cemetery in Tyler.

8. Martha E. was born abt 1839 in GA. She married Noah Ellis.

9. John Quincy was born abt 1843 at Coosa Co, AL.

10. Andrew Jackson Was born 1845 and died 15 Nov 1917 at age 72.He married Matilda Ann Lewis, born Oct 1849 and died aft 1872 at age 22.

11. Henry H.

12. Josiah

Nothing is known about these last two boys.

Thomas J. Adams and Frances J. Knight had the following children:

1. Mary B., born Jan 1860. She was married to (1) C. O. Marsh and (2) M. B. Collins.

2. Tomie (Nancy) was born in 1864. She married Joseph H. Whitman.

3. William Jefferson born 25 Nov 1865 and died 19 Jun 1935 at age 70. On 23 Sep 1894 at Tyler he married Ada Amanda Black, born 13 Jun 1872 and died 11 May 1956 at age 83. They are buried at Pleasant Retreat Cemetery in Tyler.

4. Araminta P. was born in 1868. On 30 Dec 1886 at Tyler, she married John Waldon Beaird, born 1865.

5. Clinton M. was born in 1870.

6. Laura F., born 18 Nov 1871 and died 3 May 1943 at age 71. She married Mose T. Knight, Jr.

7. Ola “Ollie” U., born 29 Sep 1876 and died 25 Jan 1956 at age 79. She was married to (1) Lee Beckham and also to (2) Moses Rawlston (Uncle Rawl) Knight.

8. Dr Emmitt Milton, a dentist, was born Sep 1886. He was married to Beulah A. Tucker. They are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Tyler.

William J. Adams and Ada Amanda Black had the following children:

1. Frances Estelle was married to Madison Stegall.

2. Mabel was born 30 Jun 1899.

3. Sybil was born 30 Jun 1899 and died 23 Dec 1978 at age 67. She married Jimmie Roofe.

Sybil and Mabel were twins.

4. Rex Eugene was born in 1900.

5. Max Raymond, born 10 Jan 1904 and died 29 Sep 1967 at age 62. He married Fannie Belle Cox. They are buried at Pleasant Retreat Cemetery in Tyler.

6. Tommie Lois, born 8 Jun 1906 and died 26 Aug 1985 at age 79. She is buried at Corpus Christi, TX. She married five times, the last being Herb Rountree.

7. Ada Lottie, born 28 Sep 1912 and died 9 Dec 2000. She was married in 1938 to Charles Raymond Shaffer, born 23 Feb 1912 and died 3 Jan 1956 at age 43. She is buried at Tyler Memorial Park Cemetery in Tyler. He is buried at Pleasant Retreat Cemetery in Tyler.

8. William Jefferson, Jr. was born 3 May 1910 and died 28 Feb 1978 at age 67. He is buried at Tyler Memorial Park Cemetery.

9. A son John was found in the 1900 census at age one month, born in May. No further record is found of John.

Ada Lottie Adams and Charles Raymond Shaffer had the following children:

1. Grace Elizabeth

2. Ada Rebecca, born 8 Sep 1942. On 18 Oct 1963, she married Bobby G. Williams, born 26 Mar 1941.

3. Charles William

1820 Census

An Edwin Adams, age 28, is found in North Carolina, Cumberland County, image 10 of 69. He has one male, age 16 to 26. One female, age 16 to 26. This would be Martha Turner Adams, age 23.

1830 Census Image 29 of 39

Edwin is found in Meriwether County, about 38, with the following persons at home.

1. Two males, age 5 to 10 years. These would probably be:
Auley age 9 (1821)
Jeremiah age 4 (1826)

2. Two females, age < 5 years. These would probably be:
Elizabeth age 1
Mary J. age less than 1 yr.

3. One female age 20 to 30. This would probably be:
Martha Turner Adams (wife)

1850 Census Image 74
Coosa County, Alabama.

Edwin age 50 b. 1792 d. 1 Oct 1862 age 70
Martha age 43 b. 1801 d. 6 Jan 1877 age 76
Auley age 29
Elizabeth age 21 b. 1 Jun 1828 d. 15 Jun 1903 age 75
Mary J. age 20 b. 23 July 1830 d. 18 Nov 1896 age 66
Sarah age 18
William age 18
Thomas J. age 13 b. 24 July 1836 d. 7 Mar 1903 age 67
Martha age 11
John Q. age 7
A. Jackson age 5?

Jeremiah, age 24, b. 13 Dec 1825, d. 14 Jan 1894 at age of 69,has married Sarah Elizabeth ________, age 19, b 18 Jan 1830, d. 8 Jan 1894 at age of 64. They are buried at Beaird Cemetery, Tyler, TX.

They have the following children:
Mary Ann, age 3, and Benjamin F., age 1.

1860 Census
Smith County, TX

Edwin, age 63 is found in Tyler Beat, Tyler P. O. on page 167. Martha is 60. They still have John Q., age 16, and Andrew, age 14. Josiah Turner, age 25, Martha’s brother is living with them.

Jeremiah J., age 34, and Elizabeth, age 28, have the following children at home:
Susan age 12
Benjamin age 11
William age 7

Elizabeth, age 32 has married J. W. Barron (John Woods), age 28. They have with them.
Mary age 8
Ann age 6
Theodosia age 2

T. J. (Thomas Jefferson), has married Frances J. Knight, age 18. Frances was born 17 Nov 1843 in Alabama. She died 21 Dec 1924 in Tyler, TX. She and Thomas are buried at Pleasant Retreat Cemetery. They have Mary, age 8 months, at home.

1870 Census

Edwin died in 1862. Martha, age 65, is found in Garden Valley Beat, same P. O. on page 62. She has with her Andrew, age 22, and Matilda, age 20.

John Barron, age 38, and Elizabeth, age 40, have with them the following children:
Josephine age 18
Martha age 16
Joseph age 10
Rebecca age 8
William age 5
Susan age 1

Jerrie Adams (Jeremiah), age 45, and Elizabeth, age 40 have with them Diana Swinney, Elizabeth’s mother, and the following children :

Benjamin age 21
William age 17

Thomas, age 34, and Frances, age 30, have with them Louisa Prather age 15. They also have the following children at home;

Mary age 10
Nancy age 8
William age 6 b. 25 Nov 1865 d. 19 Jun 1935 age 70
Edwin age 4
Araminta age 2
Clinton age 1

1880 Census
Smith co. precinct 1 page 30.

T. J. Adams, age 44, and Frances, age 40, have at home the following:

Tomie age 16
William age 14
Edwin age 12
Araminta age 10
Laura age 8
Ola age 4
Eliza age 2

1900 Census
Smith Co, Ed# 94 Image 14

Thomas Adams, age 63, and Frances, age 56, have the following children at home:

Euzahoora Beckam age 21 This is Ola and her children by Lee Beckham
Willie B. age 4
Ottie F. age 2
Bertia age 11 months

William Adams, age 34, is listed with Ada Black Adams, age 27 with the following children at home:

Estell age 4
Mabel age 1
Sybil age 1 Twins
John age 1 month? This child probably died in infancy as he does not show up later

1910 Census
Smith Co, Ed# 71 Image 7

Charles O. Marsh, age 45, and Mary B., age 47, daughter of Thomas, have Frances, widow of Thomas, age 66 living with them. No children were shown.

Moses Knight, age 32, is the 2nd husband of Ola, age 32. They have the following children with them:

Milton age 5
Bonnie age 3
Mosea? age 2 months
They also have children of her first husband Lee Beckham:
Willie H. age 14
Ottie age 12
Birdie Lee age 10

William J. Adams, age 45, and Ada, age 35, have the following children at home:

Estella age 14
Mabel age 12
Sybil age 12
Rex age 10
Max age 7
Lois age 3
Jefferson age 11 months

1920 Census
Smith Co. Ed#78 image 13

William J. age 54, and Ada, age 45, have at home with them:

Eugene R. age 19 (Rex)
Max age 15
Lois age 13
William J. Jr. age 10
Ada Lottie age 3
Smith Co. Ed#83 image 9

J. Walter Beaird, age 55, and Araminta, age 52, daughter of T. J. are found with no children. They were married 30 Dec 1886

1930 Census
Smith Co. Ed#12 image 141

William, age 64, and Ada, age 53, have at home with them:

William J. Jr. age 20
Ada L. age 17
Jewel F. Arnold age 10 Granddaughter



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