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By Gayle Basaldu

Henry Floore house in Omen

Henry Floore, born 06 OCT 1826, North Carolina, died 25 JUN 1905, Omen, Smith County, Texas. He was married 1856, in Smith County, Texas, to Mary Jane Bell, daughter of Thomas Wesley Bell and Susanna Bullen, born 10 APR 1830, Rogersville, Tennessee. Mary died 16 SEP 1908, in Troup Texas, They are both buried in the Shiloh Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. They were members of the Presbyterian Church in Troup, TX where they were remembered with a window in their honor. They were early settlers of Old Canton, Omen, Smith County, Texas. Henry was a blacksmith in Omen and served as a Confederate soldier with the 15th Regiment, Texas Infantry. He was a member of the Canton Lodge No. 98 where he was a Master Mason. "Old Settlers", Troupe Banner, April 14, 1905.

Mary Jane came to Texas in 1849 with her parents. The settled in Old Canton which is now known as Omen. She joined the Presbyterian Church at age 7. After her mother died she took over the care of her younger children in the family. Later in life after her daughter, Mary Frances died, she assumed the care of her children.

Children of Henry and Mary Jane:

    • 1. Child Floore, born 1856, buried: Shiloh Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas.
    • 2. Mary Frances Floore, born 1857, Texas. She married Henry N. White, 15 DEC 1875, in Smith County, Texas, born 1856, Texas. Mary died 1880, buried: Shiloh Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. Henry is the son of Robert Franklin and Jane Sophia White.
      • A. Carrie
      • B. Annie
    • 3. Nancy Susanah Floore, born 1859, Texas, died 05 JAN 1930, Tyler, Smith County, Texas, buried: Shiloh Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. Called Sue. She was a school teacher, taught at Troup and later in Tyler. Unmarried.
    • 4. T. Beauregard Floore, born 1862. Called Boly. Unmarried. Lived Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He was a bookkeeper and business man of high attainments. He died of tuberculosis.
    • 5. Jessie O, Floore, born 1866, died 22 AUG 1870 (age 4), Shiloh Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas.
    • 6. Lloyd Alexander Floore, born 1868, Texas. He married Mary Amanda Foster, daughter of Dr. A. W. Foster and Mary Trammell, 9 DEC 1889, in Smith County, Texas, born 15 OCT 1866, died 27 NOV 1939, Smith County, Texas, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas. Lloyd died 1954. Called Alex. He was a merchant in Troup, Texas.
    • 7. Affie Floore, born 1870, Texas. She married William Harrison Hanson, 2 SEP 1892, in Smith County, Texas, born 1872, Smith County, Texas, died 1950, Houston, Harris County, Texas. William: He was a lawyer in Tyler, was city attorney for 4 years, was elected county attorney and served 1902-1905. They moved to Houston, Texas about 1925. Son of J.M. and Josephine E. Hanson

Affie, L. A. and Sue Floore attended Summer Hill Select School at Omen. Amanda Foster, wife of L. A. Floore, and W. H. Hansen, husband of Affie, also attended the School.


Andy Leath and Gayle Basaldu

Genealogy collection of William Loyd Burks passed down to Gayle Basaldu

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Henry Floore Tombstone

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Charter of the Summer Hill Select School: (Henry Floore-Board of Trustees)

Texas General Land Grant: County: Smith, Abstract Number: 1153, District/Class: Scrap File, File Number: 3876, Original Grantee: Henry Floore, Patentee: Henry Floore, Patent Date: 12 Feb 1904, Patent No: 592, Patent Vol: 27, Survey/Blk/Tsp: 1196, Acres: 19

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