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By Gayle Basaldu

Joseph Milton Hardie, born FEB 1843, Georgia. He married Susan Jane Hardie, born SEP 1847, Panola County, Mississippi, died 27 JUN 1938, Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas. Joseph died 01 MAR 1919, Hardin county, Texas.

J. M. Hardie is listed in an article, "Old Settlers", found in the Troupe Banner, April 14, 1905: "J. M. Hardie, Troupe; born in Mississippi, came to Texas 1888, served in Co. H., Miss. Infantry - lost an arm in the battle of Antietan. Mr. Hardie is engaged in raising fine cattle and fine chickens." The family came from Panola County, Mississippi to Texas around 1888-89.

One daughter of Joseph Milton and Sarah Jane Hardie, a W. B. Hardie, married A. W. Moore, and they had a child L. H. Moore, all living next door to J. M. and Jane in Bastrop County, Texas in 1900. In 1910, grandson, Leigh Hardie Moore, is living with grandparents, J. M. and Jane Hardie, in Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas, without his parents.

  • I. Fannie Hardie, born 1867, Mississippi.
  • II. Jeff W. Hardie, born 1869, Mississippi. He married Ella Mae Engledow, 14 SEP 1905, born 1872, Texas, (daughter of ROBERT D. ENGLEDOW and HARRIET CATHERINE BELL). The Hardie family lived near Austin, in Bandera, Texas. Troupe Banner: September 22, 1905
    "Jeff Hardie of Dayton and Mrs. Ella Hiser of Troupe were married at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. H. C. Engledow, last Thursday (September 14?). The groom is the son of J. M. Hardie of Troupe.". Ella: Lived much of her life in the hill country, near Austin. Name found on old photos listing Mrs. E.W. Hiser on the back. Gertrude Bickerstaff told me that Aunt Ella was first married to a Mr. Hiser, thus Aunt Ella was the Mrs. E.W. Hiser on the photos.
  • III. Edwin Hardie, born 1872, Mississippi. He married Mary G. Hardie, born 1877, Texas.
    • A. Abby Jane Hardie, born 1904, Texas.
    • B. Effie Hardie, born 1906, Texas.
    • C. Frances Hardie, born 1907, Texas.
    • D. Mary Hardie, born 1913, Texas.
    • E. Elizabeth Hardie, born 1914, Texas.
    • F. Edwin E. Hardie Jr., born 1918, Texas.
  • IV. Bethunia Hardie, born 1874, Mississippi.
  • V. Offie Hardie, born 1876, Mississipi.
  • VI. Lucy Hardie, born 1879, Mississippi.
  • VII. Mildred Kathryn "Millie Kate" Hardie, born MAY 1881, Mississippi. She married Oscar Elmo Engledow, born 29 MAR 1876, Texas, (son of ROBERT D. ENGLEDOW and HARRIET CATHERINE BELL) died 29 AUG 1967, Jefferson county, Texas. Oscar and his wife, Kathryn Hardie, lived in Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas near the other children of Joseph Milton and Susan Jane Hardie.
    • A. Thurston Engledow, born NOV 1909, Texas. Thurston died 1940, Kilgore, Texas.
    • B. Robert H. Engledow, born 1912, Texas. Robert died early 1950's. He was a physician in Jefferson County, Texas.
    • 1. Daughter of Robert Engledow.
  • VIII. Susie Blanch Hardie, born NOV 1883, Mississippi. She married Veerin B. Daniels, born 1873, Illinois.
    • A. Milton Daniels, born 1908, Texas.
    • B. Barton Daniels, born 1910, Texas.
    • C. Margarite Daniels, born 1914, Texas.
    • D. Janet Daniels, born 1916, Texas.
  • IX. Bessie Hardie, born JUL 1886, Mississippi.
  • X. Joseph M. Hardie, born JUL 1889, Mississippi.
    • A. Mildred Hardie, born 1914, Texas.
    • B. Dorris Hardie, born 1916, Texas.
    • C. Nell Hardie, born 1918, Texas
  • XI. Quinby W. Hardie, born OCT 1892, Texas.

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  • 1866: Married, Panola County, Mississippi
  • 1870: ?
  • 1880: J.M. Hardie, Eureka, Panola County, Mississippi
  • 1900: J.M. Hardie, Bastrop County, Texas
  • 1910: J.M. Hardie, Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas
  • 1920: Joe Hardie, Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas-Jane Hardie (mother) living with son
  • 1930: Joe M. Hardie, Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas
  • 1920: Veerin B. Daniels, Hardin County, Texas
  • 1930: V. B. Daniels, Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas- Jane Hardie (mother-in-law) living in house of her daughter, Susie Blanche Hardie Daniels
  • 1920: Ed E. Hardie, Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas
  • 1930: Edwin E. Hardie, Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas
  • 1920: Quinby Hardie, Sour Lake, Hardin County, Texas

"Old Settlers", Troupe Banner, April 14, 1905.

Mrs. Jane Hardie - Confederate Soldier Widow's Pension #38734, Hardin County, Texas


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