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Lawhon Family

By Gayle Basaldu

Joab Brooks Lawhon, born 02 OCT 1799, North Carolina. He married Mary Mainer, 12 DEC 1820, in Bibb/Chilton County, Alabama, born 29 OC 1798, Edgefield Dist., South Carolina, (daughter of John Mainer Sr. and Kiziah Young) died 20 JUL 1881, Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas, buried: Edgewood Cemetery, Lancaster, Texas. Joab died 1838, Alabama. Information on Joab Lawhon and Mary Mainer, and their children was obtained from a family Bible, owned by Mrs. . A. Schultz, of Temple, Texas---copy furnished to Ella Mainer by Nancy Lynn Brown Jones, great granddaughter of John Lewis Lawhon, forwarded to Gayle Basaldu by Meg McCalla, also a descendant of John Lewis Lawhon. Additional research of Ella Mainer Dodd forwarded by Meg McCalla. Mary: In the 1870, Cherokee County, Texas census, Mary Lawhon, age 70, is living with her son, William Young Lawhon. Afterwards, Mary went to Lancaster, Texas with her son, John Lewis Lawhon, and his wife, Rutha Jane, where she was living with her son, John, in the 1880 census, and where Mary died in 1881.
  • I. John Lewis Lawhon, born 03 JAN 1822, Alabama. He married Rutha Jane Banks, 21 AUG 1852, in Alabama, born 1831, Alabama, (daughter of James Banks). John died 10 MAR 1899, Texas.
    • A. James B. Lawhon, born 1857, Alabama.
    • B. Tillman L. Lawhon, born 1861, Alabama.
    • C. Jennie Lawhon, born 1864, Alabama.
    • D. Elizabeth Lawhon, born 1866, Alabama.
    • E. Nancy Lawhon, born 1870, Texas.
    • F. Levi Lawhon, born 1871, Texas.
    • G. Monteray Lawhon, born 1874, Texas.
  • II. Elizabeth Keziah Lawhon, born 24 APR 1824, Alabama. She married Cornelius Dowd McCrimmon, 25 APR 1847, in Alabama, (son of Daniel McCrimmon and Mary Dunlap).
  • III. Lucinda Ann Lawhon, born 13 MAR 1826, Alabama.
  • IV. Joel Tillman Lawhon, , born 05 NOV 1827. He married Zilpha Elizabeth Atchison, 08 DEC 1853, in Bibb County, Alabama, (daughter of Samuel Atchison and Mary Atchison). Joel died 06 SEP 1870. CSA-Co. H, 44th Alabama Regiment...Died in Virginia. Zilpha: Went to Cherokee County, Texas with her mother.
  • V. Mary Matilda Lawhon, born 08 May 1829, Alabama, died 09 JUN 1829, Alabama
  • VI. William Young Lawhon, born 04 APR 1830, Bibb County, Alabama. He married Mary Joanah Deaton, 13 DEC 1851, in Bibb County, Alabama, born 1835, North Carolina, died 14 AUG 1912, Troup, Smith County, Texas, buried: 15 AUG 1912, Troup City Cemetery. Confederate soldier. Mary: Mary J. Lawhon filed a Civil War Widow's Pension: Lawhon, Mary J. #16572. Obituary: The Troupe Banner, Thursday, August 15, 1912, "Aunt Mary Lawhon Dead Mrs. M. J. Lawhon passed away Wednesday at the residence of her son, I. L. Lawhon, at the age of 77 years. She was buried in City Cemetery this afternoon following funeral services at the Baptist church."
    • A. Sarah B. Lawhon, born 1853, Alabama. She married Mr. Bennette
      • 1. Rosa Bennette, born 1876.
      • 2. Flora Bennette, born 1876.
    • B. Mary E. Lawhon, born 1858, Texas.
    • C. John T. Lawhon, born 11 APR 1860, Texas, died 31 JUL 1889, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Texas.
    • D. Martin James Lawhon, born 1866.
    • E. Isaac Lee Lawhon, born 1868. He married Susan Teague Engledow, 1896, born 1874, Texas, (daughter of ROBERT D. ENGLEDOW and HARRIET CATHERINE BELL) died SEP 1935, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas. Isaac died 1947, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Texas. Tombstone Lived most of his adult life near Troup, Texas. Susan: Called Sue or Susie. Sue's home was located on the corner of Cross Street in Troup, Texas. Sue was Eighth Worthy Matron, Troup Chapter No. 421.
      • 1. John Young Lawhon, born 06 JUN 1897, Texas. He married Jonnie Fullerton, 1921, born 1897, Texas. John died 15 JUN 1969, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas. Tombstone - County Attorney, Smith County, Texas when his mother died in 1935.
      • 2. Emmitt E. Lawhon, born MAR 1899, Texas.
      • 3. Daughter, born JAN 1906, died 18 MAR 1906. According to the The Troupe Banner-Thursday, March 22, 1906: "The two-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Lawhon died March 18 of whooping cough.".
    • VII. Nancy W. Lawhon, born 07 DE 1832, Alabama. She married Daniel Parnell, 08 AUG 1850, in Alabama, (son of Elijah Parnell and Elizabeth Parnell).

    Sources of Information:

    Civil War Widow's Pension. - Lawhon, Mary J. #16572, Claimant: Lawhon, Mary J., Pension Number, 16572, Husband: William Y.

    Lawhon information from Meg McCalla, descendant of John Lewis Lawhon, located on Wendell H. Wilcox's, "Descendants of my Ancestors" site.

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