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By Gayle Basaldu

Anthony Moore Sr., born 1732, Pennsylvania. "Came to East Tennessee in 1778, detained a year to raise a company to go through what was then called "The Wilderness," liked the country so well that he remained there, one of the earliest settlers of East Tennessee".

  • I. David Moore Sr., born 14 MAY 1769, Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth Smith.
    • A. James Moore. Came to Texas in 1849 with his brother, David. James went to Missouri and finally settled in Northwest Arkansas, in Washington, County, by the beginning of the Civil War.
    • B. David Moore, born 16 JAN 1810, Greene County, Tennessee. He married Sarah Bullen, 04 SEP 1838, in Greene County, Tennessee, born 1812/16, (daughter of JOSEPH BULLEN and JANE ROSS). David died 08 JUL 1852, Smith County, Texas. Farmer. Moved to Texas in 1849.
      • 1. Joseph Moore, born 1841, Tennessee. He married Thurza J. Died without children.
      • 2. Lucinda "Cindy" M. Moore, born 1845, Tennessee.
      • 3. Samuel Moore, born 1847, Tennessee.
      • 4. Clementine Moore, born 23 JUN 1851, Texas. She married William G. Bradford, 1872, in Texas, born 1848, (son of Robert L. Bradford and Mary Ann Melton). The bradfords had 6 sons and 3 daughters.
        • a. Robert Bradford, born 1872, Texas.
        • b. Beatrice Bradford, born 18 MAR 1877. She married Will W. Waldron, 1894, born 1874, Texas. She had 4 children; two sons and two daughters. Lived in Arp, Texas. She remembered that her mother had some cousins, two girls, Mary and Harriett, and Tom Bell, but she does not know the maiden names of the two girls. Beatrice stated, "Mary married Henry Floore and Harriett married Bob Engledow. My mother taught her children to call the cousins, Uncle and Aunt but I do not know why. Uncle Bob Engledow and his family ran a hotel and my mother lived with them until she married. My mother had two brothers and one sister, Joseph, Samuel and Cindy. She thought that the Moores, Weeks, and Bells all lived in the same neighborhood west of Troup and near Whitehouse, and that they were all related in some way.
          • (1) William C. Waldron. He married Annie Mae Wood.
          • (2) Albert R. Waldron. He married Myra Winn.
          • (3) Hazel Waldron. She married James Bloodworth.
          • (4) Hallie Clementine Waldron, born 1900. She married Frank Baird. Hallie died 17 JUL 1962.
        • c. James D. Bradford, born FEB 1876, Texas. He married Ethel M.
          • (1) Madeline Bradford, born 1906, Texas.
          • (2) James D. Bradford Jr., born 1909.
          • (3) Vina Bradford, born 1910.
        • d. William C. Bradford, born JUN 1879, Texas. He married Pearl, 1904, born 1885.
          • (1) Christine Bradford, born 1905.
          • (2) Ida Helen Bradford, born 1909.
        • e. Mollie Bradford, born JAN 1882, Texas.
        • f. Claud Bradford, born APR 1884, Texas.
        • g. Beulah Bradford, born FEB 1887, Texas.
        • h. Walter L. Bradford, born OCT 1890, Texas.
        • i. Son Bradford, died by 1900.
    • C. William S. Moore. He married Jane Bullen, 20 MAY 1828, (daughter of JOSEPH BULLEN and JANE ROSS). William died 04 OCT 1834. "Moved to Illinois, lost his health and returned to Tennessee. Died early in life. He had three daughters who went to Missouri.
    • D. Anthony Moore, born 20 JUN 1803, Greene County, Tennessee. He married Nancy Paxton Holt, born 26 MAR 1807, Greene County, Tennessee, (daughter of David Holt) died 18 APR 1879. Anthony died 20 JUL 1885.
      • 1. Joseph Holt Moore, born 15 APR 1843, Greene County, Tennessee. He married Martha Jane Ross, born 20 SEP 1852, Greene County, Tennessee, (daughter of John H. Ross and Mary C. Marsh).
        • a. Harris P. Moore. Information on the Moore family was gleaned from Harris P. Moore's letters in 1968, from Fort Worth, Texas, to Flora Gosnold, author of a book on the Bullen family.
      • 2. Rev. Jere Moore. He married Belle R. Mathes, born 04 SEP 1850, Washington County, Tennessee, (daughter of E. E. Mathes).
        • a. Myrtie L. Moore, born 08 FEB 1876.
        • b. David E. Moore, born 07 OCT 1877.
        • c. A. Holt Moore, born 19 AUG 1879.
        • d. Melvin M. Moore, born FEB 1882.
        • e. Maggie B. Moore, born 21 SEP 1883.
        • f. Boy Moore, born 23 APR 1887.
    • E. John Moore.
    • F. Jerimiah Moore, born 06 NOV 1845, Tusculum, Greene County, Tennessee.
    • G. Thomas Moore.

Sources of Information:

Information on the Moore family was prepared by Harris P. Moore, of Fort Worth, Texas, November 30, 1968. Sent to Mrs. E.T. Gosnold, of Hickory, North Carolina, who wrote a book on the Bullen family. Mrs. Gosnold shared this information with Loyd Burks. Letters

TNGenWeb Project, The Goodspeed Publishing Co., History of Tennessee, 1887, Pages 1252-1261, Greene County Biographical Sketches, Surnames M thru W, Transcribed by Kris L. Martin,

1850-Smith County, Texas-David Moore - Image: 0046b
1860-Smith County, Texas-Sarah Moore - Image: 0049a
1870-Smith County, Texas-Clementine Moore- Image: 0202a
1870-Smith County, Texas-Joseph Moore- Image: 0412b

Clemetine Moore Bradford's census records are with the Bradford family's information.


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