Smith County, Texas

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Nichols' Family Pictures


Reunion was about 1909 held at Charley Nichols' house outside of Starrville
back row
Eugenia Hayes Nichols wife of Elmer Nichols
Elmer (Elma) Nichols with Odie Nichols in his arms
Willie McNutt-step son of James "Jim" Nichols
James "Park" Nichols son of Bob and Sallie Nichols
Norrie Nichols son of Wesley "Wes" Nichols
Iva Nichols
Sally Langford Nichols with her son Leo Nichols in her arms
Robert Benjamin "Bob" Nichols husband of Sally
Lloyd Williamson with his daughter
Annie Callie Williamson
Mary Williamson
Clark Williamson both holding babies
Note: Mary L. Nichols dau. of Daniel B. Nichols married Matthew Williamson.
The Williamsons also married into Daniel's Aunt Hannah Nichols Bryant Dickson's family in Smith Co.
center row
Ollie Degatha Roden Nichols holding her daughter Lucy Nichols
Charley Alexander Nichols husband of Ollie
Mary Louisa Gregory Nichols widow of Daniel Benjamin Nichols
James T. "Jim" Nichols
Alice ___ McNutt Nichols has hand on Jim's shoulder
Wesley "Wes" Nichols father of Elmer and Norrie Nichols
front row
Mary Verna Nichols Coke daughter of Bob and Sallie Nichols
Gladys Williamson
Mattie Hayes
D. B. Nichols son of Bob and Sallie Nichols
Dollie Nichols Walters daughter of Ollie and Charley Nichols
Daisy Blanche Nichols daughter of Bob and Sallie Nichols
Verna McNutt
Lillie Nichols Kelley daughter of Ollie and Charley Nichols
Josie Williamson

Mary Louisa Gregory
(1805 - 1878)
Wife of
Daniel Benjamin Nichols
Picture taken before 1925

Sugar Cane Press:
standing left to right......... Elma Nichols, Eudell Shaw, Wesley Nichols, Wylie Jackson
sitting......... Mary Louisa Gregory Nichols, Lillie Nichols, Robert Nichols

The family of Iva Jewel Clark and Samuel John Westley McCook Nichols- Before 1925
Pictures contributed by Lillie Ruby

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