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By Quinn Elizabeth Urban Dahlstrom


Lee Andrew Jackson TEMPLETON and Sarah Ann HARRIS

Lee Andrew Jackson TEMPLETON, son of John Decatur TEMPLETON and Rachel WEST, was born 2 March 1820 in Blount County, TN.

On 16 December 1850, he married Sarah Ann HARRIS, daughter of Samuel HARRIS and Jane B. SMITH. She was born December 1831 in Alabama.

Children of Lee Andrew Jackson Templeton and Sarah Ann Harris:

  • 1. John Calhoun, born 18 October 1851, Larissa, Cherokee Co, TX; died 16 January 1926, Smith Co, TX ; married 19 Nov 1879, Mary Monk CALDWELL
  • 2. Charles, born 1858, TX; died 6 February1935; married Mary TURMAN, born 1865, died 1896.
  • 3. Arch
  • 4. Vona Ann, born 17 April 1861, TX; died 8 September 1941 TX; buried Noonday Cemetery; never married.
  • 5. Abby, born 1874; died 1934, TX; buried Noonday Cemetery; never married.
  • 6. Robert Bruce, born 22 February 1867; died 2 September 1946; buried Noonday Cemetery; never married.
  • 7. James Harvey, born 19 October 1869; died 9 June 1937; married Levia THEDFORD, born 12 September 1880; died 5 July 1926. They are both buried in the Noonday Cemetery.

A Pvt in the CSA, he joined 15 March 1862 and was discharged 20 October 1863. L. A. J. Templeton was a member of Capt Ed Sharps Company, 15 March 1862 to 1 July 1862, and Capt J. C. Kirby, AQM Tyler, 31 July 1863 to 31 July 1863..

Theyt lived in Whitehouse, TX before they moved to Noonday, TX. Their house in Noonday, TX, had an open hall through the middle. Sarah's sister Mary who never married lived with them after her parents died. Mary Harris was buried in Larissa. Bruce and Vonie lived in their parents home until they died.

L. A. J. Templeton was a Republican and was serving as County Commissioner in Smith County on 9 September 1876. He was chosen as a Republican delegate to the Nacogdoches convention to nominate a Republican candidate for Congress

He died 30 July 1899 and she died 12 January 1913. They are both buried in the Noonday Cemetery, Noonday, Smith County, TX.


John Calhoun TEMPLETON and Mary Monk CALDWELL

John Calhoun TEMPLETON, son of Lee Andrew Jackson TEMPLETON and Sarah Ann HARRIS, was born 18 October 1851 in Larissa, Cherokee County, TX. On 16 January 1879 in Noonday, TX, he married Mary Monk CALDWELL, daughter of John J. CALHOUN and Francis Anna ROBERTSON. She was born 3 Mar 1860 at Gainers Store, Pick County, AL.

Their children: (all born Noonday, Smith Co. TX)

  • 1. Robert Harris, born 26 January 1881; died. August 1955, Henderson, TX; married 3 January 1904, Mary Lee McDOUGAL
  • 2. Eugene Flournoy, born 22 April 1883; died Texarkana, TX, married Annie PERRY
  • 3. Johnie Nell, born 7 November 1885 died 5 November1973, Tyler, TX; married Henry Quinn URBAN, Sr., 23 July 1906, Smith County, TX
  • 4. Annie Lester, born 5 August 1887; died 4 March 1975, Tyler, TX; married Wayne McMILLAN
  • 5. Daniel Bruce, born 14 October 1889; died 19 June 1931, Dallas, TX
  • 6. Corliss Boley, born 19 August 1893; died 11 February 1973 Mineola, TX; married Bernice COULTER
  • 7. Gordon Lee, born 2 October 1895; died 24 January 1967, Tyler, TX; married Mary E. LAIRD
  • 8. Annie Laura, born 15 September 1898; died 8 July 1899, Noonday, TX
  • 9. Mary Hazel, born 27 November 1900; married 25 July 1922, Arthur WADDILL

John lived in Smith County over 50 years. He died during a brief illness at 10:35 a.m. at home on 16 January 1926. He was 74 years old. Mary Monk lived 69 years in Smith County and died after 2 months illness on 27 July 1936. She was 76 years of age. They are buried in the Noonday Cemetery. PICTURES

Statements Concerning Templeton and Brevard Ancestry.

1. By Mr. John H. Templeton, at Jacksonville, TX December 1884

  • My grandfather, David Templeton had brothers James, Archie, Moses and John. Grandfather , David Templeton, lived in Cabarras County NC, moved to Burke County, thence to Buncombe Co., where he died. David's family was: John, who married Rachel West: children- John (the relater), Tilda, Harvy, Nancy (who m. Wallace), Rachel ( m. Hays), Lee, Samuel and David.
  • James Alexander married Nancy Brevard. Child: Zebulon Brevard, Caroline, David Green, John D. Archie, Frank, Isabel, Esther, Nancy.
  • Samuel Davis. Children: J. Harvey and Margaret - twins.
  • Dr. David Green (never married)
  • Ester, married Mr. Young in TN.
  • Abigail married William Porter.
  • David Jr was Irish his wife Welsh. His father came over the ocean from Ireland probably.

2. By John D. Templeton, Waxahachi, TX 1885

  • "James Alexander Templeton, my father, was a cousin of Zebulon Brevard his father-in-law. Hence he and his wife were second cousins."

3. By Lee A. J. Templeton, Noonday, Texas, Oct 20, 1910. He was born in Blount County, Tn. March 2, 1820-therefore was aged 90 years at time of making statement. He says:

 "My grandfather, David Templeton, came across the big pond, -- was Irish descent. Irish name. He was a soldier of the Revolution, and brought land warrants besides one granted to him as a soldier. He had altogether 5,000 to 6,000 acres on Obion River on the creek called Mulberry, in TN; gave these warrants to his brother James Templeton, a Presbyterian Minister, to locate but this was not done. The warrants were lost when the Capitol of TN burnt. He, my grandfather, lived to be 88 years old. Was hurt by a fall, which caused his death."

"My grandfather, David, had brothers Archibald, Moses, James and I do not know but there were others. Archibald went to GA and SC. Moses had a family. James was a Pres. Minister, a bachelor. Left NC went into Western District of TN. My grandfather's children were: James (my grandfather, signed SMT, the man taking the deposition). Dr.David Green no family. Samue, Father of Harvey Templeton of Cleburne and a sister. Esther, never married. Abigail, married William Porter. (Their children were: Jas. Denford, Christopher, Adolphus Templeton, Hamilton, Wm. Calvin, Amanda-married Mr. Wm. Hays. John (my father) his children were: Tilda, Married David Cowan. David (no family), John (Had family) James Harvey (family at Collinsville, AL) Nancy married John Wallace. Samuel had son David Green who was on the way to Washington Territory. Lee Andrew Jackson (myself) have large family. Rachel married Oliver Hays and had family. John married 2nd and had: Wm B. had family son Robert in Navaro Co. Died at Sherman, Jane, Martha, Caroline, Emily."

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