Smith County, Texas

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Summer Hill Select School

Summer Hill Select School

Omen, Smith County, Texas

A. W. Orr, Principal

This building was erected in 1893. There were two other buildings on the campus--one a 2-sory structure containing the Music Rooms and the offices of the school, the other 1-story building used as a gymnasium. Prior to 1893 the school had but one building.

Students of Summer Hill Select School who attended prior to the fall of 1893 will not recognize the above building as the one dearest to them. The former building, which contained six rooms and porches above and below, was torn down in the summer of 1893 and parts of it used in the erection of the three buildings which served the school after that date. So far as we know, there is no picture extant of the old building suitable to make a newspaper cut from. But that old building was dear to the hearts of all the student body who attended the College from its establishment in 1876 to and including the spring of 1893.

Picture copied from the Summer Hill School Select School Catalog, 1890-91. Information copied The Troup Banner, November 27, 1924 - copied at the East Texas Research Center, SFA, Nacogdoches, TX.

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