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Winona School - 1933-34

Submitted by John Culpepper



Front Row:  1st lady is Tinsey Chapman married Ben Goodwin, Tyler Attorney

Second Row:  1st lady is Winnie McMillian (Mrs. John Leigh Zorn);  4th lady is Josephine Johnson(Mrs. Wiggins Culpepper);

5th lady is Eula Bell Murrell (Mrs. Langston Sloan)

Last Row:  Last man on right is T. J. Shamburger married Leola McClenny

(personally identified by John Culpepper, son of Josephine Johnson Culpepper)




Bernice Abna Winona, Texas
J. C. Barber Rt. 1, Winona, Texas
Burette Balfour A and M College
  College Station, Texas
Bessie Browning Winona, Texas
Alma Buckner (Mrs. Connie Mathews) Rt. 3, Lindale, Texas
Tinsie Chapman (mrd Ben Goodwin) Capitol, Austin, Texas
Allen Cashion Rt. 1, Tyler, Texas
Vernon Evans Thibodaux, Louisiana
Reena Fleming Rt. 3, Lindale, Texas
Tracy Hitt 812 North Broadway
  Tyler, Texas
Darwin Jackson  
Nell Jackson (Mrs. Nell Myers) Dallas, Texas
Josephine Johnson (Mrs. Wigging Culpepper) Rt. 1, Tyler, Texas
Bernice Kelly (Mrs. Frankline La Croix) Winona, Texas
Eula Bell Murrell (Mrs. Langston Sloan) Rt. 1, Tyler, Texas
Winnie McMillian (Mrs. John Leigh Zorn Rt. 1, Tyler, Texas
Ethel Stripling Tyler, Texas
T. J. Shamburger Winona, Texas
Charlotte Starnes (Mrs. Dow Graham) Winona, Texas
Browning Thompson General Offices
  Tyler, Texas
Virginia Vauglin Greggton, Texas
Mildred Wells Tyler, Texas
Ruby Wallace Winona, Texas
Alma Baker (Mrs. Joe Coulter) Rt. 3, Lindale, Texas


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